Video Review: Lost In Vegas, Megadeth – Holy Wars… The Punishment Due

A good friend recently sent me a video clip from YouTube.  Lost In Vegas, Megadeth – Holy Wars… The Punishment Due shows two men reacting to a seminal work of thrash metal for the first time. The pair are a duo of “free thinkers” who have a YouTube channel, Lost In Vegas. Adding to the intrigue, if you will, these are not your stereotypical speed-metal enthusiasts. They are both men of color.

During the video they mention that the bulk of the feedback that they received when they began documenting their reaction to metal songs earlier this year has been positive. I’m sure there are a contingent of people who think that metal should strictly be enjoyed by White people. They are fools. Thrash metal bands have enjoyed touring South America, where they have performed  to stadiums packed with rabid fans for decades. Sepultura, metal stalwarts who formed shortly after Megadeth, hail from Brazil. Body Count, fronted by rapper Ice-T, put together a critically and commercially successful debut album.

Growing up, my parents did not dissuade me from listening to different types of music. I’m sure they weren’t exactly thrilled that I was blasting Notorious B.I.G. and Metallica from my room, but I gained an appreciation for different styles and perspectives. I couldn’t relate to Biggie living in projects, selling cane for a living, or robbing NBA players in their homes. But I could definitely vibe to it. Listening to Disposable Heroes by Metallica also provided me with an alternate point of view on the soldier’s role in war.

There is a war against the White male taking place in the media, universities and football stadiums. When someone from another culture takes the time to appreciate something that so many Whites do, we should give them the props they deserve. Seeing the visceral reactions and sincere appreciation of a pair of “hip-hop heads” for a genre of music outside of their usual playlist might just make your day. Here is Lost In Vegas, Megadeth – Holy Wars… The Punishment Due :

To exclude someone from immersing themselves in another type of music due to racial background is utterly ridiculous. I blast rap and hip-hop (yes, even Eminem before yesterday’s debacle) as much as metal. Seeing a clip like Lost In Vegas, Megadeth – Holy Wars… The Punishment Dueis borderline heartwarming.



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