Get to Know the Anti-White Side of HALLS

Here baby, take your daily dose of White Guilt…

What we see here in a 3-second looping gif that was on Halls Instagram as well as their Twitter page is a sad indication of how White men are portrayed in commercials in 2018.  In this clip the HALLS Fairy God Sista visits a White guy with a cough. This isn’t just any White guy though, he is a hand-picked White male.  Native to the cubicle farm, this species of Whites are known for their feminine characteristics and propensity for chugging Starbucks. In another clip, we can see that the setting actually is a cubicle farm.

The GIF is what really got my blood boiling.  Here our Fairy makes eye contact with Whitey, nods slowly, and then inserts a HALLS cough drop into his open, waiting mouth.  Like a baby bird who is waiting for a meal of regurgitated worm from his mother, HALLS version of a White American male prostates himself before his Nubian Goddess, mouth agape waiting for his treat.

And, let’s be honest, White men preening for the camera with mouths wide-open is a problem in America.  Take a look at the image from Heartiste’s post…

This guy is your stereotypical soyboy, and readily admits to the fact in his post. Shit, he might even be the actual guy from the HALLS ad! Anyway, the GIF is spot on as they found the perfect White male specimen to portray the submissive, saggy-faggy soyboy.

The problem here (well, one of many) is that this is the way that White males are being portrayed in commercials far more often than we realize.  They are shown to be harmless, feminized, goofy and oafish, willing to submit and please to a fault.  And this problem needs to be addressed.  The only thing that will change these companies tactics is to stop putting money into their coffers.  So HALLS will join the list of companies that White men need to boycott.

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