Got Diversity? Toyota Shoves it in America’s Face With their Big Game Commercial

Perhaps you missed it, and I have not had the time to call it out in the past few weeks, but Toyota has entered the fray of major multi-national corporations who have taken to the commercial airwaves to shoehorn the concept of “Got Diversity?” in American’s faces. Let’s take a quick look at their Big Game commercial…

A few things…

The Rabbi who looks like the love child of Eugene Levy and John Oliver just happens to own a big ass Toyota Tundra.  He owns this enormous utility vehicle despite the fact that he clearly does not fit the mold of your typical heavy-duty truck owning customer and would have little, if any, need for owning such a vehicle as a Rabbi. Interesting.

0:25 – The Rabbi refuses to drive away.  Rather passive-aggressively, he waits until the Priest asks why they aren’t going anywhere until he mentions that the Priest needs to put on his seat belt.  Now, this isn’t an odd request per se, but it is interesting that as this commercial starts off, the Rabbi is shown pulling rank on the Priest.

0:28 – Wow, this is an underrated game to play with girls when you are on a date. However, I’d bet that halfway across the world, this taunting wouldn’t be met with the lighthearted reaction. Again, it is the Rabbi driver who is goofing around with the Imam, a subliminal control cue.

0:34 – Again, the Rabbi pulls rank on the Priest.  After the Priest meekly asks “Can I change the music?” the Rabbi considers this for a 2-second pregnant pause before dismissing him. The Priest further demonstrates the Rabbi’s dominance as the group’s leader by effectively rolling over and showing him his belly like a good dog. You can take the subliminal messages a bit further if you will.  It is the way that the “powers that be” in media and in Government, expect White Americans to react when we are told to blindly accept forced multiculturalism.  Yes, we can ask if we can stop Diversity from being forced upon us. But when it comes down to it, our masters will say no, it is their expectation that we will simply take it and smile.

0:59 – Wide open mouths all around. Gee… where have I seen this before??? Looks like they all pre-gamed with a few cold rounds of soy milk shots. By the way, who has the most wide-opendest mouth of all?  It’s the Priest!

Who’s a good boy???  Mr. Catholic Cuck is a verrrry good boy! 

Which member of the “CoExist Clique” in the Big Game commercial is noticably absent in this freeze-frame?  Our Buddhist Monk. More on that in a moment.

1:06 – “Let’s DO This!” from the Rabbi.  It’s a common refrain from empowered/fierce/queen bee type girls and even the WhiteWater Wench herself. It is also noteworthy that he leads them into the stadium and to their seats.

On this site, I am merely here to point out the day-to-day examples of forces that are lined up to mute the influence of the White American male.  I leave that to others to point out how one group seems to have undue influence at the apex of entertainment and media.

However, I will leave you with a few parting thoughts.

  1. If we slow down and examine the Big Game commercial, it is clear that this is an example of how multiculturalism is being overtly and subtly thrust upon White Americans at nearly every turn. This isn’t a rant about how you can’t have friends of different faiths. Some of my friends follow different spiritual paths than me.  Yet they are my friends for many reasons, their contrast in faith is not a deal-killer by any means. I didn’t bring them into my experience because of Toyota’s Big Game commercial telling me that it is my duty as a White male.
  2. When you decide to add a friend who is markedly different from you, it should be easy and natural, not because our Corporate Overlords tell us that it must be so.
  3. Remember the Buddhist Monk from the commercial? He was the only member of the Coexist Clique that the Rabbi didn’t mock.  Toyota Motor Corporation is based in Japan, and Buddhism is a primary religion there. Well, what’dya know! 
  4. Finally, it is disconcerting that “inclusion,” “multiculturalism,” and “Got Diversity?” are only forced upon America, Canada, and much of Europe. You know, White countries.  (Well, Russia is a White country too, but they give a startling lack of fucks about inclusiveness and diversity). As I mentioned, Toyota Motor Corporation is  based in Japan.  Ever wonder what Japan’s stand on “inclusiveness” is?  

Per Wikipedia: In 2016, Japan accepted 0.3% of refugee applicants, many of whom are Muslim.

Well, that seems to be a low percentage, but at least they accepted “many” Muslim immigrants.  So at least they are doing some of the heavy lifting,  right?  And, hey, says that Japan doesn’t stop Muslims from entering the country, so, they must be a very accepting, inclusive society.

Gee, I wonder how many refugees they actually took in?

Let’s find out:

People from all around the world seek asylum in Japan, but just 28 were accepted in 2016.


Hey Japan, ARE YOU SHITTING ME???  28 refugees were accepted in 2016!!! Contrast that with the 84,000+ refugees, 38,000 of whom were Muslim who were jettisoned into the laps of a country that, even in 2018, is primarily a White country.  And here, a Japanese-based company has the utter and complete fucking audacity to sell their trucks in a commercial wrapped around a concept that their country 99.7% rejects???

As White Americans wake up to the forces around them that are subliminally shoving “Got Diversity?” into their collective faces, as in the Big Game commercial, they will rebel against the very concept and begin to engage in tribalism, as so many cultures have done over the past few decades.  This time, they won’t give a spinning shit who slaps the “racist” tag on them.


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