Groupon Hates White Men

The 2018 SuperBowl featured some commercials with an anti-White male undertones.  One of the more obvious examples was the Groupon commercial featuring Saturday Night Live actress Tiffany Haddish.  Let’s do a quick breakdown of the spot:

0:08 “What kind of person wouldn’t want to support local business?”

Apparently, evil White men!  Haddish poses her query complete with the raised eyebrow and snarky stare-down of an entitled coastal city empowered/brave/queen bee.   

0:13 – Evil, rich, White man clad in a silk robe descends a mahogany staircase.  Playing classical music, much less.  He ‘hates local business!’  Douchebag capitalist. Gee, I wonder who’s image he was meant to call to mind?

0:19 – The kicker of the Seattle Soyboys punts a football at Groupon’s Donald Trumpian antagonist. The message here?  Physical violence toward White men is perfectly fine.  Did they hurt your feelings?  Go ahead and take your best shot. Taken a step further, it is subtle rationalization for anti-White terrorist groups like BLM and Antifa.

0:25“Didn’t feel good for him doe…”  Translation:  Fuck Whitey.

0:27 – Haddish tilts her head back, sticks her tongue out and cackles like a ratchet yak.

Kicking a ball into a White man’s groin is encouraged through entertainment media in 2018.  But what if a SuperBowl commercial featured Haddish taking a pigskin to the fupa?   Or what if the kick sailed high and knocked her weave off?  Twitter would crash, and the riots in Philly would have been replayed in cities across the United States.

Groupon has lost a customer, as I will gladly jump ship to a competitor like Living Social.  White people need to send the following message to major corporations; if you’re going to mock us and encourage violence against us, we will boycott your product and financially enrich your closest competitor.

Some people out there in TwitterLand get it:




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