White Men Should Boycott DirecTV After “Break Up Commercial”

In a topic I will be covering next week, I’ve noticed an over abundance of commercials that feature couples where White men are matched with Black women.   Love and attraction tends to be race-specific, but that is not universally the case.  Personally, I have dated women from different ethnic backgrounds. and I have no personal issues with interracial dating in any context.  However, I do have an issue with clear over-representation of interracial couples in commercials by our corporate overlords.

Let’s break down this Break Up commercial and discuss why White men should boycott DirecTV:

0:01 – Slightly douchey White guy seems surprised to find his clothes being thrown at him.

0:02 – Well, well… turns out this mista was dating an angry sista.  And watch out!  She’s back from her University’s BLM meeting and feeling pretty empowered.

0:05 – Oh no, flying toothpaste and other various toiletries!  Better dodge that shit, Whitey!

0:08 – Noooo!  Not my guitar!  I cower before you, enraged Nubian Goddess!

0:15 – The bitch throws a few pounds of metal down two flights at her ex, who again, dodges a flying object.  Ex-boyfriend raises his hands in utter disbelief as she calmly sits down, oblivious to the fact that she cuntily committed a possible felony, to watch Dear White People or some shit.

DirecTV should be hearing the mooing sound of a herd of enraged feminists, as they clearly pushed the ‘angry black girl‘ stereotype.  Yet, many of those feminists will say that this commercial made them feel empowered and that they could identify with this young Queen Bee.

White men should boycott DirecTV immediately for their poor characterization of White males.  If the roles were reversed and our douchey White guy threw her out in the street and hurled her weave collection, her framed poster of Wakanda and five pounds of electronics at her, would that commercial be perceived as funny?  Or would DirecTV headquarters look like this?

Bottom line is, that this commercial, like many others, portrays White men as weak and subordinate.  The race of the woman does not matter.  The fact that a White man is portrayed as cowering in fear at a lover’s anger does.

It’s time for White men to boycott DirecTV.  The best method of retaliation that we have at our disposal is to divert our money from companies that continue to push “The Narrative” in a post-Trump America.




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2 Replies to “White Men Should Boycott DirecTV After “Break Up Commercial””

  1. Hear Hear!!!! I could not agree more with you my friend!! If I had Directtv I would disconnect from them. But I ditched them over 10 years ago.

  2. She could have killed the guy or a kid passing by. But we are supposed to ignore that, and think ‘wow. she’s cool.’ The guy is a pathetic loser in this commercial, and the woman could be killing innocents before she gets all self-satisfied and happy. This commercial is disgusting.

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