White Men Should Boycott Jeep After Renegade Commercials Featuring Halsey

In passing, I saw a commercial for the 2017 Jeep Renegade. Corporations have subjected us to sales pitches by another girl who chopped her locks. This time, instead of some androgynous waif pitching the iPhone 8, we have millenial artist, Halsey. I’ve never seen Halsey before. However after about three seconds, I made some snap judgments. All of them proved to be true. Here is the ad:

  • She looks like a confused boy. I’m not the only one here.  Fans think so too. Wait, that’s Katy Perry? Wrong short-haired celebrity skank, my bad.
  • I’ll bet she is tatted up.  Twenty of them!
  • She thinks that she is fierce/empowered/unique/on the right side of history. Just listen to her babbling during the commercial.
  • She voted for Hillary. Funny how Clinton absolutely captured the demographic of girls in their 20’s who chopped their hair off. Don’t see to many of them riding the Trump Train (thank God for that). Halsey is now one of the #BabesForHillary, depending on just how low you set the bar for a “babe.”
  • She was triggered when Hillary lost. Not just triggered. Terrified.
  • She has issues with straight, White men. Bit of a long shot bet, but once again, I couldn’t have been more right. Men, you can tell a lot by a girl’s hairstyle and tattoo count…

Then there are the “straight white dudes” — Halsey’s exact words — who fill up her Twitter mentions with rude comments about her short hair. 

“Straight White dudes” were calling you out on it, because men are visual creatures and a female in their 20’s who chooses the clippers, for whatever reason she comes up with, nauseates most of us. Call it constructive criticism. That’s not just a White guy thing either, men of all races prefer long hair like  Halsey had a few years back, over a skin fade. Women who ignore this reality often find their dating options severely limited.

Like Lyft and Apple, Jeep has become another major advertiser smearing our airwaves with unsightly, feminist, androgynous, females who despise White males. Just like those of us who are boycotting Budweiser, ESPN, and the NFL, it’s time that we told Jeep’s parent company, Chrysler, that our money won’t end up in the hands of corporations that push the anti-White narrative, and burden us with “empowered” women like Halsey.

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  1. You might not want to look too closely at the Ford Foundation, then. Unless, of course, you are enough of a mechanical wizard to piece together your own car.

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