Donald Trump Jr. Eviscerated Jeb Bush on Twitter

Getting blown out in the 2016 Republican primary was the most humiliating disaster of Jeb Bush’s long political career.  Until March 29, 2018.


Jeb Bush took a cheap shot at president Donald Trump’s family by saying that after he (Jeb) lost the 2016 South Carolina GOP primary, he returned home to children who “actually love me, ” reports the Yale Daily News.

Ironically, after attacking Trump’s family, the Yale Daily News notes that Jeb “called for more polite political discourse, citing William Buckley Jr.’s ’50 style of rhetoric. Bush recalled watching Buckley’s famous television program, Firing Line, and admiring Buckley’s respect for the opposition, his wit and his hopeful optimism.”

What a bitch move. An unprovoked insult wrapped in a plea for polite discourse. Jeb Bush’s passive-aggressiveness is a trait most often found in Liberal DNA.  He, and so many of his ilk, disgrace the Republican Party.  They refuse to listen the very people whom they profess to serve. 

The Trump family did not take the insult lightly.


Call it a career, Jeb.  Donald Trump, Jr. just eviscerated you in front of the entire internet.

And honestly, he could have plunged the knife even further if he tweeted this:

Do Latino connections give Jeb Bush a pass with Spanish ...

Gannett and N.Y. Times ask court to unseal 1990 Trump ...

Still, knockout scored. Game recognized.






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