Divisional Playoff Poem to Roger Goodell from White Fans

Divisional Playoff Poem to Roger Goodell from White Fans

(by Jason Todd)

Goodbye to the Falcons,
Saints, Titans and Steelers,
“We don’t care,” said White fans,
Who left because of the kneelers,

You sold out to the soyboys,
and lesbian fisters,
dissed Conservative fans,
policemen and misters,

You catered to losers,
and social justice pretenders,
what’s next, “Spreading awareness,”
For the plight of transgenders?

We missed out on Diggs’ catch,
and that win by the Jags,
but we won’t support anyone,
who protests our flag,

You’ve lost your fans, Roger,
what message have you sent?
ratings are tanking,
down thirteen percent!

No, it’s not Democrats,
pissed at Kaepernick’s plight,
85% of fans who left,
Happened to be White,

You embraced social justice,
But your plan backfired,
fans came to be entertained,
Not lectured by liars,

Thanks to you Roger Goodell,
former fans have now scattered,
But if you ever need a job…
you can call Black Lives Matter!

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