Early Valentine’s Day Poem to Roger Goodell

An Early Valentine’s Day Poem to Roger Goodell 

By Jason Todd


Roses are Red

and Violets are Blue,

fuck the NFL sideways,

and diagonally too,


They’ve taken our game,

and they’ve ruined it quick,

by caving in to liars,

like Colin Kaepernick,


White fans became sick,

of being told they were racist,

Protests during anthems,

Raised fists in their faces,


Now players on the field,

in helmets and cleats,

are staring into stadiums,

with so many empty seats,


Once filled with White fans,

They are now home to crickets,

Hey Goodell here’s a question,

Who’s gonna buy your tickets?


That soyboy at Starbucks,

And that lesbian Sasquatch,

Could care less about football,

They don’t even watch!


They’re for “social justice,”

and it went to your head,

but they never wanted your product,

and could care less instead,


What idiot Commissioner,

would formulate plans,

to insult and degrade,

and enrage paying fans?


Roger you guessed wrong,

No matter your reason,

And now ratings are down,

Even for the post season!


So from the fans who have left,

Most of whom are Caucasian,

Take your jet for an extended stay,

In some broke Shithole nation!


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