New Years Eve Poem: The NFL’s On Borrowed Time (sung to Auld Lang Syne)

“The NFL’s On Borrowed Time” ( poem sung to Auld Lang Syne) by Jason Todd


Conservatives have ditched the league,

And now pay it no mind,

Too many fans have turned it off,

The NFL’s on borrowed time,


Goodell, Bennett, and Kaepernick,

Started the league’s decline,

And thanks to “social justice,”

The NFL’s on borrowed time,


With sponsors running for the door,

New ones are hard to find,

Your fans have gone, their money too,

Empty seats are left behind,


You mixed up sports with politics,

and had your signals crossed,

Cause Social Justice douchecanoes,

Were the reason Hillary lost!


For our nation’s flag and anthem,

Players knelt on the grass,

So they can take their raised up fists,

And shove them up their ass,


The NFL’s decline is here,

Goodell has lost his mind,

He gave our game to kneeling fools,

The NFL’s on Borrowed Time!


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