Allstate Commercial Promotes Rancid Feminism

A quick video breakdown of how this Allstate commercial promotes Rancid Feminism:

:00- Smiling, overly affable son walks into the parent’s bedroom.

:01-  Parents are in bed. Mom is reading a book (50 Shades of Grab Them By the Pussy?) while Dad is updating his Facebook or reading about the latest #MeToo scandal. Dad, with his artisanal beard, has a blank expression. The Mom has a masculine vibe. Instantly, her chin pops up, a subtle physical indicator that she is the one in charge.

:02-  The son eyes shift between the two, but his body faces the mom.  This is where the Allstate commercial reinforces the subliminal cue that the mother is the decision maker.

:06- The son is doing an awful lot of smiling and hand-wringing.  I get that this is a commercial where he just crashed their car, and he should be acting nervously, but this seems to be a touch much.  Who does this kid remind me of…


Oh, yeah! Boycott Harry's Shave Club Version of a Real Man

The kid looks like a younger version of Pajama Boy.

In the last few frames of him at :07, his face changes from a smile to a weird cringe as he awaits his judgment. In so many ways our media is teaching our boys to be fearful and to submit to women.

:07- “Four weeks without the car”  The Mom, not the Dad renders a swift order. Dad has nothing to say, but maintains the blank look on his face, while his hands and his phone are in his lap, where his testicles once resided.  The expression on Mom’s face appears that she is holding back a smile, as if she is thoroughly enjoying this moment.

:08- “Okay, yep. Good night” The son quickly turns and walks off.  He doesn’t protest with, “But Mom, I’ve got a date on Friday night,” or even give any sort of a look that suggests that he will try again. He just accepts her decision at face value and walks off.

The dad’s role is relegated to expressionless bozo who follows Mom’s lead. The son is portrayed as someone who looks to mommy for major decisions and accepts her judgment without question.

With so many other messages like this coming from mass media and corporations, and so few displaying the normal relationship dynamic, viewers are subliminally bombarded and indoctrinated with the feminist point of view.  Allstate is not my insurance company and as men become more discerning about subconscious cues of Rancid Feminism in media, perhaps they will think twice before putting their insurance in their hands.

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