Officer Cleared Of Wrongdoing After Hitting Female Fan With An “Equal Right”

With Equal Rights Come Equal Lefts. Or Equal Right Hooks

A few weeks back, a video of a confrontation between a combative female fan and a police officer at a University of Miami football game went viral.  The woman, who was clearly blighted by hops, took a drunken swipe at the officer’s head, then connected with a slap to his face. The officer instantly reacted, hitting her with a right hook that knocked her into another dimension. This is a shining example of the new order in post-feminism America.  Women demanded a level playing field.  But as the saying goes, with equal rights come equal lefts.

Here is the clip:

Today, the officer was cleared of any wrongdoing.  From the New York Post:

MIAMI – A Florida police officer who punched a drunken female football fan has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Earlier this month, a videotape showed a University of Miami football fan slap an officer, who then punches her in the head. Bridget Freitas, a 30-year-old nurse, was charged with felony battery on a police officer and misdemeanor disorderly conduct. The incident occurred as Miami-Dade Police officer Douglas Ross and fellow officers tried to carry her out of the stands.

According to a report provided on Wednesday to The Miami Herald , Ross’s supervisors found the 18-year veteran’s actions were within departmental rules.

Miami-Dade police Director Juan Perez acknowledged it didn’t look good, but said officers don’t distinguish between males and females when throwing a punch.

“…officers don’t distinguish between males and females when throwing a punch.”

Police officers are forced to make split-second decisions at their job.  The wrong one can cost civilian lives, or their very own. Expecting an officer, to take a slap and then to override his trained reaction and hold back because she is a precious woman is utter insanity. The female fan was too drunk to walk, required multiple officers to remove her from her seat, and blindsided an officer who was carrying her.  She got what she deserved.

I am firmly against physical abuse toward a female. Part of this comes from a respect for the physical differences between men and women. While there are outliers, most women can be easily handled physically by most men. Hence, the pressure to adhere to the longstanding social more, ‘never hit a woman.’

However, as much as I do respect that venerable concept, I respect my handsome face and my personal space so much more. Should anyone throw a punch my way, they will receive more in return. That rule applies if it is a man or woman, both or neither, heterosexual or metrosexual, bisexual or trisexual. No matter which bathroom you use at Target, I will protect myself at all costs, even if it is a precious female who clenches her fists.

Or a not-so precious one.

The same feminists who piss and moan about women not being “included” in every damn thing, are the same ones bitching that different rules apply to females, even physically violent ones.

When my son was 5 years old, he came home from school to talk about a girl who hit him because she wanted a box of crayons he was using. Before I could even ask what he did in return, he told me he didn’t hit her because she’s a girl, but he walked away and got another box. Now that he’s in 8th grade, he still recognizes the fact that there are girls that will try to provoke people, regardless of gender. He’s been provoked, but he’s walked away. He’s had a girl hit him, but he didn’t dare raise his hand to defend himself. My son is 13 and from the looks of it, the common sense that so many adults lack, he has an abundance of it.

So according to this moron, her son should not even raise his hand to defend himself against a physical attack. That’s just shitty parenting right there; the result of unchecked rancid feminism in our society. What if a guy who cross-dresses starts and argument with her son?  What if he paused for a moment, because he doesn’t know if it is a girl, and God forbid he should raise his hand to even defend himself from one,  then wakes up in ICU with a mouthful of missing teeth?

Mouth-breathing feminists put the burden solely on men, all while abdicating members of their treasured gender from any responsibility, whatsoever, even when they decide to physically attack a stronger man:

Men and women are not on equal footing when it comes to physical combat”, says psychologist Carla Rhodes. “Men have a responsibility to keep their biological advantage in check. They have the advantage of being stronger and larger and potentially doing more damage. Men also have a responsibility to recognize when they are in danger of hitting a woman and to gain control of their composure in the situation.”

I generally do not instigate physical altercations. But under most circumstances, I wouldn’t provoke a fight with a considerably larger individual, or a trained MMA fighter, or a police officer, because I know that the odds are that they could potentially seriously hurt me.

Why can’t we expect women to make that same mental leap?  Because they are overly emotional? Because they can’t understand the logic?

Mainstream media and entertainment have been telling women for decades that they are equal to men.   That causing a man physical pain is good for a few laughs.

That women can do shit like this because Grrl Power!

The result is millions of women who think that it is okay to physically assault men.

Feminism has preached that women are men’s equal in every way.  Well, ladies, with equal rights come equal lefts. Or right hooks to the chin, as the case may be.

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6 Replies to “Officer Cleared Of Wrongdoing After Hitting Female Fan With An “Equal Right””

  1. You’re nothing but a whiny, spoiled entitled anti-feminist twat. First of all, women on average take more responsibility than men by far, it’s the men that don’t take responsibility. Women take too much responsibility because men don’t take enough. Also, if I hear one more spoiled woman-hating twat say “well you want equality, that equal rights come with equal lefts or left hooks” well maybe women should rape and kill you at the same rates as you do to women, how bout that for equality you rancid, mouth breathing twat.

    1. Hey Karen. You use “twat” an awful lot, don’t you. I get it, Hillary lost. That was your best shot at a “Future Is Female” world. 7 more years of Trump, Rancid Feminism is dying painfully and your only companion is your cat. I see why you’re so angry at men.

    2. As a male who has been raped by a female I would say that your rant is mis-placed.

      Since “twat” is a derogatory term for female genitalia, I’m having trouble following your comment.

      By the way, your “more responsibility” argument is easily refuted … stop by the local VA hospital and count the number and sexes of people with missing limbs, eyes, faces.

      That’s what responsibility for keeping the US safe looks like and it looks pretty lopsided to me.

  2. I completely adore my husband, love to hold his arm while we are walking, always remember to thank him when he holds a door for me, and tell him daily that my job is for him and our children to feel loved and secure. My heart soars when I see how he loves to be my man and the protector of our family as much as I love to simply be his.
    We have two adult sons and two young ( 7 and 12) sons and they are all gentlemen, as well. Our daughter is nearly 14 and even she knows what fools feminists are and what they are missing out on and to embrace femininity takes strength.
    If I had a nickel for every gender there is. . . I’d have ten cents.

    1. Fifteen cents.
      As Milo Yiannopolous put it, there are three sexes:
      1) male
      2) female
      3) retard

      Although biologists have not yet mapped the genome for the third group.

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