Rancid Feminism T-Shirts for Empowered Skanks

While on winter break, I took a detour to a Florida beach town.  Looking in the window of one of the various seaside shops, I saw some t-shirts on display and almost threw up my dinner.  You can see them in the picture at the top of the blog. Let’s take a look at these five Rancid Feminism T-shirts for empowered skanks.

selfie:  It’s all about me.

Don’t stop believing that, you fierce/empowered/gogrrrrl/warrior princess.  This thinking was the downfall of your hero, the WhiteWater Wench.  She hijacked the Democratic Primary from Bernie Sanders by colluding with the Democratic National Committee to swing the nomination. She colluded with the mainstream media who treated her with kid gloves and her opponent with the utmost contempt imaginable. Her campaign ended up with her exploding into a fiery burst of grrrrl power! hubris on Election night, despite being painted as the overwhelming favorite. Her book What Happened blames Barack Obama, James Comey, Vladmir Putin, Bernie Sanders, the mainstream media, misognyyyyyy and White people, while accepting barely an iota of burden for her historic defeat. So go ahead, Lib ladies.  Keep that thinking up, buttercup.

angel: Innocent until proven guilty. 

What a fantastic concept!  Otherwise known as the presumption of innocence, this is one of the foundations of our American criminal justice system. I hope that you girls sure do enjoy that.  Because a certain and significant cross-section of our population no longer enjoys that fundamental American right.  Men who are blamed for nearly any infraction toward women are no longer presumed innocent until proven guilty. I mean, they still are in the judicial system.  But not in the court of public opinion. The judicial system withholds sentencing until proof of guilt. The court of public opinion does not care about proof of guilt. The judicial system sentences the guilty to prison. The court of public opinion sentences a party under any level of suspicion to immediate loss of professional privileges and crippling financial loss, no matter the proof or lack thereof. Rancid Feminism has created an environment where women’s feelings can be weaponized against men’s livelihood. We have reached the point where merely working with women is a risk toward a man’s career and financial well-being.  The aftermath of #MeToo will be men leaving the corporate workplaces en masse, finding or creating small companies devoid of women, and leaving the media, universities and corporate America to collapse under the bloat of Rancid Feminism.

wtf: where’s the food. Perhaps the most *substantial* cause for the lack of interest of men in dating in 2017 is the rapidly expanding girth among American women and our forced “acceptance” of this. A few weeks ago, I wrote this:

Now, I don’t ascribe to the MGTOW movement (“Men Going Their Own Way” basically choosing to drop out of the dating game) in any way, but, given that American women in 2017 are becoming fatter, bragging about shitty health habits, and are being groomed to unnaturally take on traditionally male characteristics, I can kind of understand why some guys will look at today’s dating market and just say “Ahhh, f*ck it, why bother!”

Today’s portly princesses are even claiming “weight based oppression” on college campuses.

Described as an “emerging academic field” that focuses on combating “weightism,” “fat stigma,” and the “weight based oppression” of fat people, “fat studies” courses are popping up on college campuses across the country.

Typically found in women and gender studies departments, fat studies courses don’t study obesity as a leading cause of death in America but rather approach fatness as a “social justice” issue, and usually focus on “fat liberation” movements and activism as ways to combat the “stigma” attached to obesity.

“Typically found in women and gender studies departments” 

Well, go fucking figure! Rancid Feminism crept into our university system decades ago, and now America reaps it’s venomous harvest. Instead of teaching the harsh truth, that extra weight on women dramatically increases serious risks to health like cancer and obesity, and vastly reduces their ability to attract investment from the opposite sex.  But hey… you grow, girl!

Friday: my second favorite F-word. I’m not going to get too much into this, but women swearing in public like a pornstar getting pumped and skewered in a Pornhub gangbang is a turn-off to most men. This is a common trait among pussy hat-clad Hillary supporters. Yes, your average Nasty Woman is revolting to most men, both inside and out.

queen bee: I call the shots. Just an adorable concept, girls who ‘call the shots.’ The opposite of the traditional male/female relationship dynamic. While there are exceptions, most relationships thrive on the man bearing the responsibility for major decisions.

This isn’t to say that women should be relegated to non-participants in government or our society. I have had the pleasure of working with and and working for some incredible supervisors and leaders who happen to be women. Our society has been softened and crippled in large part due to Rancid Feminism, whose motive is to diminish men’s status and consign them to underling status. Watch what happens when empowered ‘queen bees’ call the shots at a national leadership level. You end up with Britainistan. You end up with Rapesville Swedistan. You end up with the shitshow that is an Angela Merkel led Europe.

Let’s take a look at the actual role of a queen bee:

Although the name might imply it, a queen bee does not directly control the hive. Her sole function is to serve as the reproducer.

While “reproducer” isn’t the only part a female should play in our society, we can’t forget that it is their primary biological mandate. Rancid Feminism has placed blinders over women, teaching them that they aren’t “unhealthy” or “unattractive,” they are victims of “weight based oppression.” It has “empowered” women in the workplace with the ability to ruin a man’s earning power and reputation without due process. It encourages aggressive and masculine traits in women, when men are most attracted to femininity. Rancid Feminism forces women, at times, into parts they were never meant to play.

Men are becoming less more alert to modern women’s flaws and less apt to date those who advertise said flaws.  Women who wear these Rancid Feminism T-shirts might as well tattoo “For the Love of God DO NOT Wife Me Up!” across their chests. And as the men steer clear of them and they progress in age, they may seek out another t-shirt that will fit them and their needs:

atm: any tolerable man

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