“Strong Is The New Pretty?” or “Empowered is the New Sad?”

A few weeks ago I came across an article about a book called “Strong is the New Pretty: A Celebration of Girls Being Themselves.” Since this was clearly the juvenile indoctrination work of Empress Hillary, I decided to give a cursory investigation.

Empowered is the New Sad

The Unbridled Joy of Being a Fierce, Strong, Empowered Girl http://WarAgainstTheWhiteMale.com

While I’m trying to go a little easy because this girl is nowhere near grown up… Her Mom decided to splash her picture all over the damn internet promoting Hillary’s Feminist Values.

Here she is casting aside the patriarchal expectations placed on girls of past generations to play with Barbies and wear pretty clothes. She seems absolutely thrilled /s.   Her posture and facial expressions embody the third-wave feminist ideal of the masculinization of women. The crossed arms. The slight frown. The “I will f**king gut you” look in her eyes and the borderline angry look on her face.  Sweet shit, she looks like she has spent her childhood surviving the Great Depression.

Her femininity has been depleted and she’s barely ten!

Apparently, her friends have also been indoctrinated into Hillary’s De-Estrogenization Program..

For some “brave” girls who are breaking down the walls of the patriarchy, they look pretty miserable. This is a visual reminder of the harvest of Rancid Feminism. Crossed arms on most of these girls and an unfeminine, soulless pout on all of them.  It is men who should maintain a neutral facial expression in photographs, or at the very least refrain from grinning like a doofus. Not women and certainly not girls. Feminists, fluid-gender pushing parents and most Liberals just don’t get it.

Strong isn’t the new pretty…

Fierce isn’t the new pretty…

Empowered isn’t the new pretty…

Empowered is the new sad.


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