Thanks, Rancid Feminism! Artist Paints Giant Phallic Mural on NYC Building

From the New York Post:

A towering painting depicting a shockingly life-like penis went up on the side of 303 Broome St. on Christmas Eve.

Swedish street artist Carolina Falkholt stood up and took credit on Instagram for the veiny behemoth — which lacks testicles but no doubt took cajones to paint — and said it’s really getting a rise out of folks.

“NO TIME 4 BALL$$ . . . I have never heard so much laughter and seen so many happy faces behind my back when painting as for today doing this wall on Broome Street,” the cocky artist wrote alongside a photo of the four-story masterpiece.

What kind of sociopath draws a giant 40-foot tall shiny dick on the side of a building on Christmas Eve?  A feminist artist. Carolina Falkholt made her name in Sweden as a graffiti artist. In Swedistan, she refers to herself as a grafitta, a Portmanteau for graffiti and “fitta,” which means “pussy” in Swedish. How edgy.

Side note, her phallus lacks a pair of balls, as I’m sure many of the men in her life have.  You can see the pictures in the links.

The depiction was a flop to some. Local activist and District 1 Community Education Council member Naomi Pena said she was not pleased to have her young daughters subjected to X-rated artwork.

“You may not have any children or may not live here to have to walk by and see this, [but] I certainly was not happy to have to explain to my 8-year-old twins what this was,” she fumed in an e-mail sent to The New Allen and copied to local officials, according to local blog The Lo-Down.

I’ll place a wager that Falkholt has no children. And where have I seen another childless Rancid Feminist with no regard for those around her recently?  Oh, right here.

It’s a topic for another day, but I can’t decide which is worse… A childless Feminist who has no genetic reason to temper her idiocy, or a Feminist mother who spreads her poison to her malleable brood?

Check out this take from a photographer:

Lev, a photographer who was taking pictures of the mural before it disappeared said the artwork was “expression.”

He said, “Especially nowadays with women and men talking about sexual harassment, it almost seems wrong if they cover it up.”

That quote, is indicative of the flawed thought process of a significant section of our country. Underlying guilt, instilled in our men, that they should rationalize the shitty behavior of women.  By the way, Lev has exactly as many balls as the dick that he was snapping photos of.


Falkholt said she was trying to promote body positivity and argued “Talking about these subjects in public space is a must for a healthy, nonviolent community/world.”

I discussed the pitfalls of promoting “body positivity” yesterday.  Today this skank from the ranks of Rancid Feminism is using it as a reason for her to paint a giant dick on the side of a building. As if cheering on fat girls wasn’t bad enough.

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