German Voters Discuss Shifting Attitudes Toward Immigration, Muslims

Last week, a journalist from Vice discussed politics with a few disenchanted German voters about the rise of the right wing Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party, and the influx of millions of Muslim immigrants into Germany, due to the policies of Chancellor Angela Merkel. While Merkel was elected to a 4th term, the story of the election was the impressive showing by right-wing voters. Here are a few key excerpts from the article.

VICE: You’re voting for the AfD. Are you aware that the party is, for the most part, extremely far-right?
Mike: I worked on construction sites for years and don’t get anything in return. I’m voting for the AfD because I’m pissed. I hope they become the third-most powerful party. If that makes you want to call me a Nazi, go ahead. I don’t care.

Somewhat reminiscent of what we saw in the 2016 Presidential Election. German voters seem to mirror American voters after Hillary Clinton called them ‘Deplorables.’ After being called a racist, misogynist, xenophobe, etc. simply for your choice of political candidate, you tend to tune out the noise.  Those of us who were taken aback by the labels found that the sting went away after awhile.  Just like the worker who says, “call me a Nazi, go ahead,” the Left’s labels no longer matter.

Do you feel you’ve been treated unjustly?
Yeah. For example: I have a back problem. After multiple operations, I became unable to work. I once went to an social-welfare office because I thought they’d be able to help me fill out the endless amounts of paperwork so I could get support. All the paperwork’s pretty complicated. But they sent me away—because I’m German. They only help out the refugees.

Do you feel marginalized? 
It’s just a fact that more is done for refugees than for us. A lot of my friends are still looking for work. Refugees just get money for free. They even get preferential treatment when it comes to apartments—everything is paid for them. That equates to security for landlords. And everything is getting expensive.

Refugees are receiving an astounding 20 billion Euros in assistance from the German government. Taxpayer money is diverted from workers toward refugees from North Africa. This absolutely embittered many German voters.

Where does this anti-foreigner attitude come from?
I don’t have anything against refugees. I once hid the passports of a Vietnamese family at my house so that their asylum process would take longer. They still live in Germany today. The attitude comes when integration commissioners tell us, for example, that there isn’t a German culture outside of the German language. I felt very personally insulted. German culture is straightforwardness, directness, industriousness.

The concern that German voters have of a loss of culture may be the tipping point for voters veering far right.  I mean, besides the rampant looting, no-go zones and terrorist activities. Watching millions of immigrants who do not resemble the native population spiritually, behaviorally, or physically use money from your taxes to subsidize their lives is bad enough. Having your own government culturally degrade you is even more nauseating.

What can we do to ensure that our society doesn’t drift farther apart?
I don’t have the answer.

I do. Close the damn borders.

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