Where Have All of the White NFL Fans Gone?

Oh Where, Oh Where Have the White Fans Gone,

Oh Where, Oh Where Could They Be?

They Bailed When The Players Forgot Their Place,

Empty Seats Are All That You’ll See…


Opening kickoff of at M&T Bank Stadium. ( + )

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2 Replies to “Where Have All of the White NFL Fans Gone?”

  1. You Bet But this may play in the internationalist hands – We’ll watch college football & other All American games while avoiding Soccer like any plague!

    *We have to be smart (as we generally are) about this stuff while sucking the life blood out of the Rothshields, Sore-Butts etc parasites!

    > whats interesting is that most Blacks (over 30) get it & want no part of the fascist/antifascist

  2. Don’t worry the NFL will fill up those paid seats with some freebies to the entitlement crowd. Then pat themselves on the back as if they actually gave up money.

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