Feminist Whines About Las Vegas Golden Knights ‘Sexist’ Tweets

Nancy Armour, columnist at USAToday.com fired off an estrogen-laden assault regarding the Las Vegas Golden Knights ‘sexist’ tweets. “There’s nothing funny about sexism” is the first sentence in an article rife with the shrill, nagging whine of a bitter feminist hag who still hasn’t come to terms with the fact that much of the country was#NotWithHer.  Let’s take a closer look at what happens when Armour straps on her pussy hat and hits the keyboard.

“There’s nothing funny about sexism.”

Actually, yes there is! Jokes about sexism just aren’t funny to her. Sadly, mainstream media has given a voice to strident feminists, and their earsplitting shrieks are being broadcast far and wide. Armour be unaware that USAToday.com finds sexism funny, when the narrative suits them. Last week, the company she works for parroted a joke about men “approaching each woman as if she were Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. And they wonder why more companies are perfecting sexbots, and more men are considering using them… moving on.

It doesn’t matter if it’s passed off as Al Michaels’ one-liner or the sly, edgy humor the Vegas Golden Knights tried to claim after a Twitter riff gone very wrong Sunday night. Disparaging women and making jokes at their expense is never OK, and Michaels and the Golden Knights deserved every bit of condemnation and criticism they got.

“…Making jokes (at the expense of women) is never OK.” Who the hell is Nancy Armour to define what is permissible in the realm of comedy? If everyone from late-night talk show hosts to random twitter users can poke fun at the President of the United States, women are fair game, too.   The Las Vegas Golden Knights ‘sexist’ tweets were a play on a scene from the movie, Ted 2. It wasn’t that funny, yet USAToday.com decided to post Armour’s takedown of the tweets as front page news yesterday morning. Was this really that important for USA Today to smear Armour’s feminist slobber all over their front page?

Not to mention that when thinking of classic, quotable sports movies, Ted wouldn’t appear on anyone’s list.

Armour is your typical fierce/independent/empowered journalist mouth-breather. didn’t even take the ten seconds necessary to find out that Ted isn’t a sports movie. I’m sure she puts the same amount of effort into writing sports articles for USAToday. Great equal opportunity hire.

Part of the answer lies in the attitude the Golden Knights perpetuated — that it’s OK to disrespect and demean women. That misogyny and sexism is harmless so long as it’s not blatant.

But it’s not OK. It is harmful.

It’s only “harmful” for leftist battle-axes with pixie haircuts like Armour. When she slammed Tom Brady for his political leanings, while praising Colin Kaepernick’s “activism,” she showed her true colors, and demonstrated how she is out of touch with most NFL fans.

There was nothing harmful about the Las Vegas Golden Knights ‘sexist’ tweets. The solitary goal of feminists is to find a good time, one primarily being enjoyed by men, and try to ruin it for everyone. USA Today hired a real-life version of Saggy Naggy. While we are busy boycotting ESPN, the NFL and Budweiser, let’s add USA Today to the list.



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