Flashback Friday: LeBron James Claims Racial Slur Sprayed On Garage Yet Offers No Proof

This past May, perennial NBA All-Star Lebron James made a shocking accusation that a racial slur had been spray painted on the front gate at this home in Los Angeles. The 3-time NBA Champion climbed up to his soapbox and lectured the country with quotes like “…hate in America, especially for African-Americans is living everyday.” But James lambasted the country without offering a shred of physical evidence that his home was actually vandalized.

The news broke as LBJ’s Cleveland Cavaliers were preparing for their third consecutive NBA Finals. From FoxNews:

Speaking in Oakland, where his Cleveland Cavaliers face the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals beginning Thursday night, James said, “if this is to shed a light and continuing to keep the conversation going on my behalf then I’m OK with it.”

“My family is safe, they’re safe and that’s the most important,” James said. “But it just goes to show that racism will always be a part of the world, a part of America. You know hate in America, especially for African Americans, is living every day. Even though that it’s concealed most of the time, you know people hide their faces and will say things about you and when they see you they smile in your face, it’s alive every single day.”

The mainstream media absolutely devoured this, and repeated, rehashed, and pontificated upon his parroting of the anti-White narrative for the entire weekend. James usually has a platform, but with the NBA Finals on deck, this story was given an enormous amount of media attention. There was one vital issue that the media chose to ignore; neither James nor the LAPD offered any actual evidence of any crime.

OutKickThe Coverage was one of the few to actually point out that no definitive proof of the alleged racial slur painted on LeBron James’ gate even existed:

So let’s dial back the rhetoric and reiterate what we know:

  1. At 6:44 am on Wednesday morning, the day before the NBA Finals began, someone called police to report an incident of racist graffiti at LeBron James’s house.
  2. When police arrived the alleged racist graffiti had already been painted over and police were, according to the LAPD, provided a photo of what the graffiti on the gate had looked like.
  3. There is no surveillance video of the alleged crime and the picture has not been publicly released.

That’s it, that’s the sum total upon which millions of spoken and written words have ensued.

But what is actually public at this point? Virtually nothing. We don’t know what happened, or even if it happened at all, and we don’t know who did it. Yet somehow, despite the millions of words expended on this story, I’m the only person in sports media asking questions about this case. Why is that? I honestly think it’s because most people in media are so afraid of being called racist that they won’t question anything involving race or a black athlete.

But this story, at least not the public facts themselves, just doesn’t make sense.

A few other things that didn’t make sense. Why was the gate already spray-painted over when police arrived? The point of bringing police to the scene of an alleged crime is so that they can see evidence of said crime. Yet, amazingly no evidence of any racial slur has ever been made public.

Also, why did James come out immediately and state that his family was safe, when he knew damn well that their safety was never in jeopardy.  His wife and kids were not at their Los Angeles home at the time of the alleged racial slur incident. Hell, they weren’t even in California! They were thousands of miles away in Ohio.  Why even mention their safety unless you were trying to extract sympathy from a media consortium that complicit in his efforts to corroborate their anti-White narrative.

With the NBA season fast approaching, we are virtually guaranteed to hear more of the anti-White narrative from LeBron James. Like Jemele Hill, Colin Kaepernick and Eminem, celebrities who sell the anti-Trump, anti-White narrative will be afforded plenty of media coverage. Still one of the NBA’s showcased talents on the court, he has demonstrated an addiction to virtue-signalling and race-baiting. James has also displayed a fragile ego and emotional instability at times during his career, something that will be discussed in a future post.

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