Racist Jemele Hill Returns to ESPN – List of Advertisers That Whites Can Boycott

Racist Jemele Hill Returns to ESPN

Jemele Hill, one of the pair of ESPN’s racist, anti-White “journalists” for the 6 PM version of SportsCenter, is back on the airwaves. Upon returning after her recent suspension, Racist Jemele Hill sent out a brief tweet:

My heart is full. See you tonight. — Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) October 23, 2017.

Most of the millions of Americans who have cut the cord with the Worldwide Leader can attest that Jemele Hill wasn’t lying when she said her heart was full.  Her heart is full… of hatred toward White Americans.  While her previous verbal barbs at Whites were swept under the carpet, her tweet storm aimed at President Donald Trump, and the tens of millions who voted him into office could not be merely ignored by her bosses.

But millions of us will not forget that Racist Jemele Hill is a pawn by ESPN to push their liberal agenda on their viewers. As long as she is in place, the Worldwide Leader will continue to push their liberal, anti-American, anti-White trash across the airwaves.

We have all witnessed the success of the #BoycottTheNFL movement over the past several weeks.  Advertisers are pulling back and owners are panicking as their colossal stadiums sit half-empty on game day. With that in mind, here are a list of advertisers who have run commercials during SC6 at various times during the past month.

  • Hershey (Reese’s)
  • Gatorade
  • Mazda
  • Warner Bros. (Wonder Woman)
  • Bayer (Aleve)
  • EA Sports (Madden 2018)
  • AARP
  • DirecTV
  • MillerCoors (Miller Lite)
  • Carl’s Jr / Hardee’s
  • Ford
  • DraftKings
  • HotWire
  • Subway
  • Chevrolet
  • Men’s WearHouse
  • Hankook Tire’s
  • Duluth Trading
  • FanDuel
  • Hyundai

This is a partial list from a few hours of SC6 segments that I DVR’d.  Please note that I only fast-forwarded to the commercials and I didn’t listen to the words that dribbled out of Racist Jemele Hill’s mouth.  White Americans who actually listen to Hill on SC6 have complained of symptoms similar to what these poor bastards went through. So, thankfully, I missed out on that.

If we contact these companies en masse, and demand that they pull their advertisements or we will not purchase their product, it will have a ripple effect.  Don’t believe me?  Papa John’s, longtime sponsor of the NFL, is considering pulling their advertisements, permanently.  Budweiser recently opened up a hotline for customers who were upset about the anthems to voice their opinions. Advertisers are tossing around ideas like cutting Thursday Night Football. Patriotic Americans, many of them White, are crippling the NFL for insulting us.  The “cut the cord” movement is slowly sapping ESPN. A massive amount of complaints toward advertisers will absolutely turn up the heat.

What, Exactly, Does Racist Jemele Hill Bring To The Table?

It also needs to be said that sports networks are part of a visual medium. Sports, and ancillary news and discussion broadcasts are viewed mostly by men, who are visual creatures. Female anchors should, ideally, either be a) incredibly knowledgeable or, b) very easy on the eyes, but preferably, c) a combination of both. Remarkably, Racist Jemele Hill, co-host of ESPN’s flagship show is “none of the above.” Her outward appearance does nothing to visually attract most men, and she lacks any significant sports knowledge or journalistic acumen. The ugliest side of Hill, is her inner-self, which projects bitterness toward White Americans.  As evidenced by slumping ratings, most ESPN subscribers expect sports desk anchors to bring more to the table each day than just the race card.


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