Too Little, Too Late Roger Goodell; NFL Commissioner Says “Everyone Should Stand For The National Anthem”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell decided to swiftly reverse his previous public stance on kneeling during the National Anthem. Just three weeks ago, the “protector of the Shield” sided with the players

“The way we reacted today, and this weekend, made me proud, I’m proud of our league.” – NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, September 25, 2017

“Like many of our fans, we believe that everyone should stand for the National Anthem. It is an important moment in our game. We want to honor our flag and our country, and our fans expect that of us.” – NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, October 10, 2017

Well, THAT didn’t take very long.  Three weeks ago, the Commish was so proud of the reactions of so many NFL players who knelt during the National Anthem because of social justice, racial inequality, saving the rainforest, or just F*&k Donald Trump.  After three weeks of raised fists and Liberal mouth-breathing, Goodell abruptly pulls a stunning about-face regarding protests during the anthem. What happened?

Goodell underestimated just how many NFL fans are passionately irate about protests during the National Anthem.  More importantly, he misjudged how much they needed the NFL against how much the league needed them. His abrupt reversal of policy means that declining ratings are doing a lot more damage than we know. Advertisers likely reminded him that the NFL is in the business of producing entertainment, not echoing the anti-White Narrative to their fans, the majority of whom happen to be White.

The videos of fans burning their tickets, merchandise, and swearing the NFL off for life may have found their way into the Commissioner’s hands. Fans like these, and the untold amount that did not make a visual demonstration of their displeasure, will likely never watch another game again. The protests were clearly unpopular with the majority of NFL fans. The only question was, how long was Goodell willing to ignore the facts in order to placate the scant amount of NFL fans who are social justice warriors?

Should the NFL fail to bounce back to its previous heights, this will quite possibly become the single most dumbassed business decision I have witnessed in recent memory. Roger Goodell saw fit to ignore the millions of NFL fans who see the Flag as a symbol for American heritage, in order to pander to a few hundred thousand mouth-breathers who turn on an NFL game as a matter of convenience, not passion.  Fans became increasingly incensed with every raised fist, kneeling by committee, and liberal-inspired daisy chain. People who would get fired for wearing a MAGA shirt to work were now paying to watch millionaires protest on their job. For so many fans, it is ‘too little, too late’ for Goodell and the NFL.

Are there problems in the United States? You bet. Is a peaceful protest within everyone’s First Amendment rights? It is. Are NFL games the time and place for those sort of protests? Not according to the majority of their fans.


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