Will The Houston Texans Sign Colin Kaepernick?

Could Colin Kaepernick Help The Houston Texans?

The Houston Texans have dealt with an abysmal week. First, Texans owner Bob McNair was attacked by the mainstream media and social justice warriors for his choice of words in referring to NFL players as “inmates.” Earlier this week, electrifying rookie quarterback DeShaun Watson tore his ACL in practice. This leaves the Texans with the uninspiring options of Tom Savage, T.J. Yates, and Matt McGloin as their field generals.  Will the Houston Texans sign Colin Kaepernick to alleviate both their on and off-the-field issues?

Would Colin be a better quarterback than the Texans current three-headed monster?  Absolutely. Even though the 49ers stumbled through a 1-10 record with Kaepernick at the helm, the Texans would likely be thrilled to work with someone who threw interceptions on 1.2% of their attempts last year, and put up 16 TD’s against 4 INT’s. Since NFL defenses have adjusted to his running ability he hasn’t been the game-changing quarterback that nearly won the SuperBowl, but the Texans wouldn’t need him to be that guy.  Simply coming close to his 2016 form would suffice.

Kaepernick would be a stopgap solution to the team’s problems on the field.  Some have noted that he would also ease some of the tension surrounding Bud McNair, after his misuse of an idiom cause a brief firestorm last week. Even Head Coach Bill O’Brien admits that the team has discussed the possibility of signing him.

Will The Houston Texans Sign Colin Kaepernick?

Only if they are stupid enough to risk losing half their fan base. NFL ratings and attendance have taken a nosedive since Kaepernick began kneeling during the National Anthem. Millions of NFL fans are deeply patriotic, and many of them were deeply offended at Kaepernick’s demonstration. Signing Colin would only serve to piss off the remaining fans who support the team. And from the looks of last week’s game, there aren’t that many left…

Bottom line is, no matter how many social justice warriors panties would moisten if the Texans signed Colin Kaepernick, the majority of them don’t purchase tickets or follow the NFL. Most football fans are not in favor of the National Anthem protests, as evidenced by the recent drop in ratings and attendance, and this survey conducted by Yahoo Finance.

NFL fans, particularly Whites, do not trust Colin Kaepernick, and for good reason. They’ve seen how his protests have morphed from kneeling to bring attention to a cause, to promoting dictators and bashing police. Other players began kneeling in opposition to President Donald Trump, who millions of NFL fans voted into office. They don’t want their entertainment littered with entire teams kneeling together or forming daisy chains to support the cause du jour. The NFL has ignored the fact that fans invest their time and money into the league to be entertained. Bringing Kap onto the Texans would communicate that the team has adopted the same position as the league; that White fan’s don’t matter.

Additionally, signing him may directly impact the collusion case that Kap has filed against the NFL. Will the Houston Texans sign Colin Kaepernick? Only if they want to bring an end to professional football in H-Town.

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