$5 NFL Tickets Prove The League is Imploding

A $5 bill can still get you a few things in 2017. Like a foot-long sub. You can even get someone to do a bunch of shit for you on sites like Fiverr.  And now, you can use on to grab ticket to an NFL game. Yes, football fans (those of you that are still left), for the price of a crumpled up Lincoln, you too can watch your favorite teams kneel to promote ‘social justice,’ #NotMyPresident, fighting the patriarchy,  or whatever the cause du jour happens to be. The fact that there are $5 NFL tickets is proof that the league made a fatal mistake by insulting Conservative and White fans.

Some of the deepest discounts were found in Buffalo:

It’s December and the Bills are still in the playoff hunt. While that doesn’t often happen, fans don’t seem to be interested in seeing them play the Colts Sunday in Orchard Park.

Tickets, as of Friday afternoon, are selling as low as$5 on Vivid Seats. On StubHub, tickets can be found for as little as $6.

Fees that go with tickets on the secondary market will tack on a few extra dollars. That $6 seat, for example, will cost $9.70 after fees.

“The fans’ hopes and dreams of a good season have kind of come crashing down after last week and the key injuries we’ve had with the players,” said Nick Giammusso, the president & CEO of VIP TIX in Buffalo, which also has Bills tickets priced at $5 for Sunday. Weather and the opposing team are also factors in how season ticket holders price their tickets, Giammusso said.

At $5, tickets will be the same price, or even cheaper, than some concessions at New Era Field. According to Delaware North, water costs $5, popcorn $6, and pizza $7.50.

If you still aren’t willing to plunk down $5 for the game, the Bills will pay you to go to the game. Well, sort of. If you bring a shovel to New Era Field Friday afternoon and help dig out seats, you can earn $11 per hour and get a complimentary ticket, as long as you work at least four hours.

“The fans’ hopes and dreams of a good season have kind of come crashing down after last week and the key injuries we’ve had with the players,”

Horseshit! 7-6 is a good season in Buffalo. They are currently second in their division, a feat that they’ve accomplished only three times since the turn of the century. The Bills still have a shot at making the Playoffs, something they haven’t done since 1999. 2017 should actually qualify as a fantastic season to success-starved Bills fans. $5 NFL tickets should not even be in discussion in Buffalo. Yet, despite a rabid fan base that has endured years of not quite Cleveland Browns-esque failure, tickets are moving for the price of a nice bar of soap. Hell, they’re even giving them away if you can throw some snow for a few hours.

Gee, I wonder why? 

Buffalo isn’t the only NFL team that can barely give away tickets. The Baltimore Ravens have started pushing tickets through secondary sites like eBay.

As I have written here before, when you continually insult the values and sensibilities of the majority of your mostly White, mostly conservative customers, by replacing their beloved entertainment with a social justice circle jerk, they won’t just take it and ask for more.  They will leave and take their money with them.  And when they leave the stadiums empty and solemn, they won’t return.

Pissing off a considerable amount of your fan base isn’t good for business… Who knew!

Well, most of us did, but apparently, not this guy.

The league may not be on life support just yet, but it is heading toward intensive care, and may have just shat the gurney along the way. For a league that recently prided itself on selling personal seat licenses for thousands of dollars, $5 NFL tickets aren’t just a slap in the face. They are a sign of the new normal for a league that betrayed it’s fans. One that may never fully recover from it’s grave mistake.

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