Colin Kaepernick, Angela Merkel, Jemele Hill Bikini Contest

Yeah, I get it.  This is lowball, juvenille, low-rent.  Whatever. This was fun.  And on some level, quite gratifying to mock those who have done whatever possible to minimize and insult White Americans and put them in a bikini contest.  As frightening as it is to consider Jemele Hill in a bikini contest, let’s take a look at our participants from left to right.

Colin Kaepernick:

The bloated carcass on the left belongs to a former SuperBowl player who once made a living on the field, and now makes his living on his knees. Most Americans understand that his protest was simply about bringing attention to his cause, but of spreading his own radical beliefs. Every American has the right to protest.  Virtually none of us are allowed to at our jobs. Fans do not want their entertainment tainted by left-wing political protests. Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem, offending the sensibilities of millions of conservatives. The NFL will soon be on their knees as well, begging their fans to return.

Traitor Angela Merkel

She stands above other world leaders in that none can be referred to as a Judas to an entire continent like this traitorous skank. She has betrayed all of Europe, pushing Feminism and curtailing free speech to quiet White Natives while opening the gates for hordes from the Middle East and Northern Africa, compromising the cultural fabric of the countries whom she represents. Here we see Merkel, having reached the pinnacle of power in Europe, looking earnestly for a man from another part of the world to tame her.

Racist Jemele Hill

Hill, an unaccomplished and unattractive sports “journalist” has been infusing anti-White hatred into her commentary for years. Her vitriol has simmered for long stretches, but it came to a boil earlier this year. Her idiotic and baseless rants about Trump being a White supremacist were the catalyst that many conservative Americans of all colors needed to finally cut the cord with ESPN.  In this photo, she has a jealous look on her face. Of all of the recent allegations of sexual misconduct at ESPN, not a single pass was made toward Jemele Hill.

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