Conservatives and Whites Need To Turn Off The Golden State Social Justice Warriors

The NBA’s Golden State Warriors are the very definition of a juggernaut basketball team.  Winning two of the last three Championships and coming within one game of making it three straight, they are absolutely stacked with marquee talent and ancillary players who contribute to their monumental on-court success.  The Warriors have established themselves as the league’s preeminent team, just as the NBA has capitalized on the swift decline of the NFL.

Some of the key players on the Warriors have used their on-court popularity as a method to push their anti-Conservative and anti-White views through mainstream and social media. However, most Americans face severe repercussions on their job if they choose to discuss their political views. Many sports fans have become infuriated and disgusted with professional athletes spewing the Liberal narrative from their soapboxes. No professional sports team exemplifies this trend quite like the Golden State Social Justice Warriors.  Let’s take a look at their ‘starting five.’

Steph Curry 

The all-world guard with the silky smooth shot has become one of the league’s dominant players.  However, after winning the 2016-17 NBA Championship, the Golden State Warriors were invited to the White House to meet President Donald Trump. Curry declined the invitation, and in doing so, stated that he drew inspiration from controversial race-baiting athletes Colin Kaepernick and Michael Bennett.

“It’s not just the act of not going. There are things you have to do on the back end to actually push that message into motion. You can talk about all the different personalities that have said things and done things, from [Colin] Kaepernick to what happened to [Michael] Bennett to all sorts of examples of what has gone on in our country that we need to kind of change. And we all are trying to do what we can, using our platforms, using our opportunities to shed light on that.”

Soon after this statement, Trump rescinded his invitation, and called out Curry.  Athletes and leftist celebrities collectively menstruated online came to his defense, culminating with LeBron James referring to the President as “U bum” on Twitter.

Kevin Durant 

These people on Twitter, *sniffle*… they really hurt my feelings!

The most devastating offensive force in the NBA was actually one of the Warrior’s staunchest opponents only a few short years ago.  Durant, Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder ran up a 3-1 lead on Golden State in the 2015-16 Western Conference Finals before losing the seven game series. Rather than tough it out, regroup and avenge the bitter loss with his teammates, Durant announced that he was joining the Golden State Warriors through a piece in the Player’s Tribune entitled My Next Chapter. This turned out to be a self-congratulatory thesis celebrating his “Decisionesque” decision to join a team that just set a league record with 73 wins during the previous regular season.

Kevin, like LeBron James, is an emotionally delicate individual who prioritizes his feelings over logic and reason. And KD’s feelings are very easily bruised. Last summer, Durant created alternate Twitter and Instagram accounts in order to troll people who criticized him on social media.  He got caught when he forgot to log out of his official Twitter account while he was pretending to be someone else. When KD speaks, his easily manipulated feelings come first, reality a distant second.  To that point, Durant has been critical of Trump;

“I feel ever since he’s got into office, or since he ran for the presidency, our country has been so divided, and it’s not a coincidence,” Durant said. “When Obama was in office, things were looking up. We had so much hope in our communities where I come from because we had a black president, and that was a first.”

Notice how his statement began with “I feel.” Also notice that Durant completely neglected to discuss the racial tensions that intensified while Obama was in office, including the former President’s failure to stem racial discontent at universities, the rise of Liberal-funded hate groups like Antifa and anti-White hate groups like Black Lives Matter. Durant has a massive social media platform as a potent scorer on the league’s most popular team. But behind that voice is an easily manipulated and very fragile ego.

Draymond Green 

Green is an excellent defender capable of playing multiple positions on the court. He has also become one of the chorus of whiners on the Golden State Social Justice Warriors.  When he’s not busy kicking or punching opposing players in their groin, he is a voice for social activism.  For instance, Draymond recently engaged in a discussion at Harvard;

When asked by a student how he would respond to critics that say he should “stick to sports,” Green let out a laugh. “That’s funny,” he said. “People say, ‘Oh athletes shouldn’t speak politics.’ Well, I find that funny because everyone thinks they can speak basketball.”

Draymond’s quote glossed over some very important distinctions:

First, most Americans are discouraged from speaking about their political positions on the job. Yet his team has been given the green light to project the Liberal narrative through their platforms.  Green and his teammates are able to do this without fear of the consequences that await the average worker who openly discusses politics at their full-time job. Most Americans have to “stick to whatever their job is” when they are on the clock. It is not unreasonable that they expect the same of the players they support. Green would be wise to consider that we are all granted Freedom of Speech, yet few of us are actually allowed to exercise it on our jobs.

Second, athletes, who have had their egos inflated by their enormous fan bases tend to forget that sports are a pastime. Many of us are passionate about basketball, and that enthusiasm may, for quite some time, sustain our ability to forgive athletes who use their platforms to push political views that offend our sensibilities. But when our values are insulted repeatedly, most fans will simply refuse to continue to attend the games that they love.

David West 

After thirteen years in the league and seven trips to the Playoffs, West won his first Championship last year as a member of the Golden State Social Justice Warriors and has provided solid play off the bench. But he, too, has moaned about perceived racial inequality.  In one podcast discussion, West could not have been more wrong about the reality of why fans stopped attending games.

West said that he disagrees with the notion that NFL ratings are down because of the protests. He said he knows people who are NFL fans who aren’t watching for the opposite reason.

“One part that I think is being overlooked and is being dismissed is the impact of them not hiring or getting Colin Kaepernick in the league,” West said. “We know he should be on somebody’s roster.

“But what they’re discounting is that people aren’t watching the NFL because of the way they are treating Colin Kaepernick. That is a real thing. There are a lot of people who have stopped watching football, who are not going to games.”

Unfortunately for Mr. West that is not a real thing.  His assertion was about as distant from reality as you can get;  85% of the total viewership lost during the 2017 season was from the exodus of White fans.

Steve Kerr

How dare you vote for that racist, misogynist, Donald Trump!

Kerr, like fellow head coach Gregg Popovich has used his time in front of the cameras as head coach of the Golden State Social Justice Warriors to denounce President Trump. 

In an interview the day after the 2016 Election, Kerr went on a rant using the Hillary Clinton approved checklist of insults that Democrats wield against Trump voters. He has also called the President a “blowhard” and pondered the following question…

“Has anyone ever thought that Donald Trump was a great leader?”

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say yeah Steve, somebody definitely has.

What We Can Do?

A good start…

White and Conservative sports fans need to be cognizant that money spent on their sports obsession is often funneled toward corporations and individuals with a Leftist/Globalist agenda.  What we can do to combat this is fairly simple; eliminate any activity that lends financial support to the Golden State Social Justice Warriors. Stop purchasing and wearing their jerseys, t-shirts or merchandise.  Don’t buy your kids KD’s or Curry’s Under Armour sneakers. Unfollow athletes who promote activism on Twitter.  As entertaining as their games tend to be, if they are coming to your city, skip the event entirely.  Don’t subsidize athletes who promote the anti-Conservative, anti-White, narrative.  Force them to hit up Starbucks soyboys and Fisty McFeminists to fund their social justice lecturing.

Are your children fans of their players? You may want to have a blunt discussion with them about how Steph Curry and his teammates’ world view conflicts with your own. Many of their fans are from the Bay Area, a cesspool bastion of Liberal values. But, if the rest of America stops treating them like rock stars, it will absolutely have an impact.

Two years ago, the NFL was the predominant sport in America. However, “social activism,” led by players with questionable intentions, tarnished the game for many fans and now empty stadiums are the new normal. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell believed that he could continue to feed a fan base that was mostly White and/or Conservative a social justice shit sandwich and that they would continue to come back for seconds.

Fans have abandoned the NFL and they aren’t coming back. Tickets have been discounted to prices not seen since the Carter administration. Goodell’s catastrophic and indefensible business decision has left owners and advertisers furious.  If players like the stars of the Golden State Social Justice Warriors continue to mix Liberal-tainted politics with entertainment, the NBA may soon find their stadiums empty as well.

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