Draymond Green Picked Up A Technical Foul at Harvard

Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green picked up a technical foul a few weeks ago during a speech at Harvard University. While he wasn’t T’d up for an in-game infraction, he did make a piss-poor analogy that he hasn’t been properly called out for.  Let’s take a closer look at his discussion at the once-revered institution for higher learning that has morphed into a liberal indoctrination station.

When asked by a student how he would respond to critics that say he should “stick to sports,” Green let out a laugh.

“That’s funny,” he said. “People say, ‘Oh athletes shouldn’t speak politics.’ Well, I find that funny because everyone thinks they can speak basketball.”

“We spend our entire lives working on our craft and then someone will come on Twitter saying, ‘Draymond, you suck,’” Green continued. “It’s like, ‘OK, you shot that shot thousands of times, and you know what I should be doing.” Everyone feels like they can talk sports, but then when it comes to politics, everyone feels like athletes shouldn’t talk.”

‘Oh athletes shouldn’t speak politics.’ Well, I find that funny because everyone thinks they can speak basketball.”

Taken at face value, Green seems to have a point. Most sports fans are little more than armchair athletes. Few of us can conceptualize how much hard work and sacrifice goes in to being a professional athlete. Yet we laud and criticize their individual performance. With the advent of online access to video and 24-hour sports networks, our voices and intrusiveness has only intensified.

While it is every American’s right to speak about politics. However, Draymond Green picked up a technical foul when he missed some very important distinctions:

  1. The vast majority of Americans can not discuss politics at our job.  With so many being so easily offended in 2017, encouraging political discourse at most workplaces is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Yet, the Golden State Social Justice Warriors have been given the green light to discuss their openly liberal views without fear of the consequences that await the average worker for discussing politics at their job. We have to stick to whatever our job is when we are on the clock. It’s not unfair for fans to demand that basketball players do the same.
  2. Basketball, like football or any other sport is an enjoyable pastime for most Americans. Many of us are passionate about the game, and that passion may, for quite some time, sustain our ability to forgive athletes who use their platforms to push political views that offends our sensibilities. But when our values are insulted repeatedly, most fans will simply refuse to continue to attend the games that we love.

Two years ago, the NFL was the predominant sport in America. However, “social justice” protests, led by players with questionable intentions, tarnished the game for many fans, and now empty stadiums are the new normal. Roger Goodell believed that the league was beyond reproach. That he could continue to feed a fan base that was mostly White and/or conservative a social justice shit sandwich and that they would continue to come back for more.

Fans have abandoned the game and they aren’t coming back. Tickets have been discounted to prices not seen since the Carter administration. His catastrophic and indefensible business decision has left owners and advertisers furious.  If players like LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Carmelo Anthony continue to mix social justice tainted politics with entertainment, the NBA may soon find their stadiums half empty as well.


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