Fergie Absolutely Butchered the National Anthem

Fergie, female vocalist from the pack of mouth-breathers Grammy-award winning group Black Eyed Peas, gave a memorable rendition of the Star Spangled Banner last night at the 2018 NBA All-Star Game.  And by “memorable” I mean, you won’t forget how atrocious this was. Fergie absolutely butchered the national anthem, then tied its dead carcass to the back of a rusty El Camino and dragged it down a dirt road. In case you missed it:

Undeniably awkward.  Full of cringes at every twist and turn. Her misguided attempt to be, I don’t know, ‘sultry'(?) may serve to further alienate sports fans.   Many of us believe that the NBA and NFL have become ridiculously out of touch with the sensibilities of millions of their fans, particularly Whites and Conservatives.

Twenty-seven years ago, singing our National Anthem at a major sporting event was a coveted honor. Witness the pinnacle of what the Anthem should sound like, as a pre-Bobby Brown era, Whitney Houston belted this out at SuperBowl XXV:

Here in 2018, we are subject to a Fergalicious regurgitation of a song that represents our nation.  Most of my readers can’t stand athletes who kneel during our anthem. But if I saw that in person, I might even be tempted to kneel in protest to the fact that this “Grammy Award winning” singer took a cheese grater across the National Anthem.

How did the players react to hearing this live?

Joel Embiid Is Not Impressed









Draymond Green's Reaction To Fergie's National Anthem Is ...
Even some of the Golden State Social Justice Warriors were aghast

And of course, the smug virtue-signallers who stand against Conservative America appeared to enjoy the circus act:


At 2:18 you can see that LeBron James and Kevin Durant couldn’t hold back their respective grins as well.

Yet, for those of us who care about our country, this is what Fergie’s rendition did to our ears:

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