Glen “Big Baby”Davis on Being Busted for Drug Sales, “They’re Just Trying to Keep a Black Man Down”

Former NBA player Glen Big Baby Davis was arrested last month on drug possession and distribution charges at a Hampton Inn.  Per ABC News:

Glen “Big Baby” Davis, former NBA player best known for his role on the 2008 championship Boston Celtics, was arrested at a Hampton Inn in Aberdeen last month.

According to court records, the hotel owner smelled marijuana coming from Davis’ room on February 7th.

When the owner knocked on room 208, someone inside the room told him to “F*@# off!”

Aberdeen police then responded to the hotel and Davis gave signed consent to search his room

“They recovered 126 grams of marijuana,” said Aberdeen Police Lieutenant William Reiber, “In addition to that there was a brief case that contained 92,164 dollars of U.S. currency along with a ledger that contained language which is consistent with someone involved in the sale and distribution of narcotics.”

The ledger was of names of people of who owed money along with baggies for individual packaging of a quarter pound of marijuana.

So, Davis gets arrested and simultaneously outed as one of the worst “criminal masterminds” of our time. First, witness the mugshot photo…

IMG_2751 2

Dude looks like he’s got his St. Patrick’s Day polo under a BLM-inspired version of a “Where’s Waldo” sweater.

Second, who keeps a (I’m assuming it’s hand-written) ledger of all of his drug trades in 2018?!?  Come ON, brother, you’re not setting up a fucking lemonade stand!  Download the Microsoft Excel app and then put an alphanumeric lock on your phone! At least make it a challenge for the federales to dig through your budding criminal enterprise…

But all silliness aside, that isn’t why Big Baby Davis made our blog.  He made it because of this video where he claims that his arrest was because “They’re just mad because a Black man got money… Just tryin’ to keep a Black man down…”

Yes, Big Baby Davis, it is obviously ‘The System’ or ‘Whitey’s’ fault.

Maybe, Big Baby Davis, you will also blame Whitey for…

  • The fact that you rented a plane that you absolutely had to shoehorn yourself into.
  • Your suitcase being partially filled with stacks of $10 and $20 bills thrown in at all possible angles, unlike the suitcases we are usually accustomed to seeing that are neatly stacked all the way through with $100 bills.
  • Your Popeye’s Chicken getting cold while you’re sitting in your Matchbox plane.
  • The fact that you are dumb enough to have likely incriminated the shit out of yourself by producing this video during an ongoing criminal investigation.  I mean. who is “Rollo,” and why, immediately after you mentioned him, did you feel the need to shout that  your “shit’s legal?” I mean, I’m just a part-time blogger, but if I’m asking these questions, I’m pretty sure that the prosecutors are thanking whatever God they worship for the gift that you’ve given them in this video.
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