Shannon Sharpe Called Cam Newton a House Slave on FS1

In today’s episode of Liberals Eating Their Own, we have a former NFL legend, calling out one of today’s stars and social activists. On FS1’s Undisputed co-host Shannon Sharpe called Cam Newton a house slave for his defense of Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson.  It seems that Sharpe is attempting to become a weave-less version of ESPN’s race-baiter, Jemele Hill.

Readers of this blog may remember that only a few months ago, Sharpe went to bat for Newton when Dannon dropped him as a spokesman. However, Liberals are inclined to turn on anyone when their sensibilities are offended, even their own kind. We witnessed this recently when uber-feminist Rose McGowan attacked fellow actress and Hillary panty-huffer, Meryl Streep. Newton’s failure to jump on the Jerry Richardson thrashing bandwagon has irked Sharpe who had this to say about Newton:

“[T]his goes back way back when,” said Sharpe. “Because, see, Cam is a first-round pick making a lot of money. Back in the day, the house and the field were treated differently. The blacks that worked in the house, when the white man, the master, got sick, we sick. We sick! He sick! But he couldn’t see that! Cam’s looking at it like … I get it. Harriet Tubman said they said, “Ms. Tubman, you freed a lot of slaves,’ she said, ‘I’d have freed a lot more had they known they were slaves.’”

“Cam, speak for you. Speak for your relationship with [Richardson],”

Shannon Sharpe called Cam Newton a house slave because he sees no ulterior motive for his defense of Richardson. But I believe that he, and so many others, fail to see the bigger picture here.  Cam Newton is a classic primadonna.  Before he was drafted, he saw himself as an “icon.”  Newton throws around the race card when it suite his need for attention. His touchdown celebrations, and propensity to dress like a Roaring Twenties-era carnival barker during press conferences is a reminder of his diva-like personality.

Make no mistake, Cam wants to keep the Carolina spotlight all to himself. Only one backup/unemployed quarterback has the potential to take the shine off of Newton, Colin Kapaernick. And as I wrote the other day:

Newton, ever the primadonna, needs to be the face of the Panthers and will do whatever it takes to postpone or eliminate the arrival of Kap, no matter if he admires his stand for social justice.

Sharpe is guilty of race baiting here, as he has in the past. Here is what I wrote a few months back, and the lesson still applies today:

My advice is for you to stick to ‘hot takes’ not ‘racial conspiracy theories.’  Fox Sports 1 is taking in viewers who are disgusted with ESPN personalities insistence on following the Worldwide Leader’s race-baiting, anti-White narrative. Spewing speculative bullshit like this is no way to welcome new viewers. The last thing they want to hear is more anti-White ramblings.  Leave that to mouth-breathers like Racist Jemele Hill.

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