Sticking it to NFL Sponsors – Small Actions Add Up

White People Need To Start Sticking it to NFL Sponsors

Today, I stopped into an auto parts store to get some oil for my car. Castrol GTX was at eye-level on the shelf and the price was right.  I grabbed it and was on my merry way. But when I walked up to the register, I noticed that the NFL shield was prominently displayed on the front of the package.

It slipped my mind that Castrol is a sponsor of the NFL.  In fact, according to their page, Castrol GTX “proudly sponsors” the NFL. This means that Castrol also proudly supports the following examples of Roger Goodell-era fuckery:

As a White man, fuuuuuck these guys sideways, upside-down and diagonally. Fuck the league that has taken on the role that so many college campuses do today; enabling these Liberal-inspired whiners.

White people have done their part in boycotting the NFL. And if we really want to drive home that message, that means sticking it to NFL sponsors, too. So, I happily put down the Castrol and picked up some STP instead. I don’t care that out of my $5.99 purchase, maybe a fraction of a centwould have found it’s way to the league. Doesn’t matter. No company that supports the Circus of Liberal Degeneracy will get a penny from me.

When Whites and Conservatives boycott those companies with the same fervor that they boycotted the NFL, “social justice” movements will lose the powerful corporations that support their unwelcome and unwarranted vitriol against White and Conservative America.



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One Reply to “Sticking it to NFL Sponsors – Small Actions Add Up”

  1. Good work! I nignore and refuse to contribute to the idiocracy laden nfl and the “hateWhitey” commercials also. The constant attacks on Whites has become more than enough. Fuck’em all! WPWW

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