Was the Confrontation Between Michael Bennett and Jaguars Center Brandon Linder Racially Motivated?

This should be the elephant in the room with every on and off-the-field incident involving Michael Bennett from this point forward. Why? Because Michael Bennett, a known race-baiter,  hates White people, that’s why. When the NFL reviews the tape of the Michael Bennett and Jaguars center Brandon Linder confrontation, they need to address the following question. Was this racially motivated?

Bennett has been the loudest voice for “social activism” among NFL players not named Colin Kaepernick. But Bennett doesn’t isn’t content to merely promote the cause. He takes any shot that he can at White Americans. He gives the Black power salute when he tackled a White player. He has lied about claims of racism against the Las Vegas Police Department. Bennett is even writing a book about called “Things That Make White People Uncomfortable.”

You know what else makes White people uncomfortable, Michael Bennett? When you try to blow out their ACL multiple times after the whistle was blown. Just a dick move. The game was over. There was no strategic reason to come at a player who won’t face your team for another four years. Unless you harbor some deep-seeded hatred against people who share the color of his skin.

The possibility that the confrontation between Michael Bennett and Jaguars center Brandon Linder was racially tinged needs to be discussed at NFL headquarters.

Michael Bennett is a racist pig. And a shitty person. Even abandoned his 4-month old dog. Left him in a kennel for over a month. And you know that shit is flat-out offensive to White people everywhere. So, fuck this over-sized Chance the Rapper looking dickbag. Let him preach his social justice to empty stadiums. I’m not watching another NFL game as long as this crusty-bearded racist prick is drawing a paycheck.

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