Angela Merkel, Traitor To Europe, Chancellor to Germany, Has Been Re-Elected

Angela Merkel, traitor to Europe for her insane immigration policies, has been re-elected as Chancellor to Germany for a fourth term.  Yet this election was different, with a massive uptick in support for Nationalists.  While Merkel is still in power, political tides are shifting. The Chancellor’s policies have been nothing less than disastrous to Germany and all of Europe.

Merkel’s policies regarding immigration have led to a massive influx of refugees from other countries.  Millions of immigrants have entered Germany , Sweden, Finland, Italy, and other countries.  The results have been nothing short of a societal disaster.

Why call Angela Merkel a “traitor?”  Consider some examples of the terror that her decision to allow in Muslim immigrants by the millions has unleashed on her society:

The influx of Middle-Eastern immigrants has made Europe an easy target for organizations like Al-Quaeda and lone-wolf terrorists.  Even worse, the citizens who attempt to rebuke the idiotic policies of Merkel are silenced, as they are targeted under ‘hate speech‘ laws. Thus it becomes harder for Germans to openly discuss problems like Islamic strongholds that become no-go zones, schools where new refugee students become increasingly violent. The problems are not limited to Merkel’s home country, Italy has bus stations filled with African and Middle Eastern refugees, Sweden has seen a massive surge in incidents of rape, and Greece has been dragged down economically by taking on hundreds of thousands of immigrants with negligible skills.  Aside from the obvious societal problems of forcing Europeans to welcome millions of people who do not share their personal or religious beliefs, immigrants have brought an increase in incidents of tuberculosis, HIV, measles and cholera, along with their ‘cultural vibrancy.’

A long-overdue change in Europe’s attitude toward immigration is at hand. The terror that the German Chancellor has brought upon her own nation will be the topic of a later, more in-depth column. Angela Merkel, traitor to Europe, has been re-elected as German Chancellor, but make no mistake; history, and the entire continent will remember her for the preventable disasters that her immigration policies brought to the people who she had the privilege to govern.

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