“As A White Male” – How Gov. Bruce Rauner of Illinois Was Racially Marginalized By His Own Staff

In case you missed it, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner was the latest casualty in the war against the white male.  After a political cartoon was deemed ‘racist’ and ‘offensive’ by critics, his communications staff decided to racially marginalize the Governor.   

While this was meant to depict the deep financial problems in the public schools, the reaction to this by Rauner’s communication staff opened the door to a new controversy.

From ABC News:

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner offered conflicting statements Tuesday on a political cartoon critics have called racist, first saying he didn’t have anything to add to the discussion “as a white male” before walking it back hours later.

The first-term Republican had repeatedly said he hadn’t seen the image, which depicts a black Chicago schoolchild begging for money from a suit-clad white man who has cash stuffed in one pocket. The cartoon was circulated online last week by the Chicago-based Illinois Policy Institute, a conservative think tank Rauner has links to.

Lawmakers widely criticized the image, with Republicans and Democrats standing up in opposition on the Illinois House floor last week. The image, meant to illustrate inequity in school funding, was removed hours later.

Rauner’s spokeswoman, Laurel Patrick, said in a Tuesday afternoon statement that the governor has respect for lawmakers who have concerns, but he’s also heard from black residents “who found truth in the imagery and do not find the cartoon offensive.”

“The cartoon was removed days ago. And the governor — as a white male — does not have anything more to add to the discussion,” Patrick said in a statement first sent to Chicago’s WMAQ-TV. “The fixation on this cartoon and the governor’s opinion of it has been disappointing.”

However, by evening, Rauner issued his own words saying the earlier comments from his office “did not accurately reflect my views” and he could “understand why some people found the cartoon offensive.” He then added that it wasn’t his place to “comment on every cartoon or picture that comes from people outside the governor’s office.”

What on earth was his communications staff thinking? That he does not have anything to say about this because of his skin color?  He’s the f*%king Governor!  If anyone is at liberty to discuss a potentially chaotic cartoon or education funding, that would be him!  Are they overreacting to possibly offending some precious snowflake somewhere the way that ESPN did a few days ago?

Baked inside of Rauner’s staff’s ‘declaration of incompetence’ is a sad portion of “The Narrative”; If you are a White male, you stand to be disqualified from any discussion about race due to the color of your skin.  Your opinion, education, and life experiences do not matter.  With limited (compared to Governor of the 5th most populated State) power at our grasp, most White men suffer from this form of racial marginalization. Even those with considerable power are subject to this, even from someone under their own employ.

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