Charging Straight, White, “Cis-Gendered” Able-Bodied Males More To Watch A Movie? Why Not!

This past week, Canadian SJW Filmmaker Shiraz Higgins dealt with some vicious blowback from attempting to price tickets to his movie “Building the Room” differently based on gender and race.  From Business Insider:

Canadian filmmaker Shiraz Higgins is navigating the backlash following a controversial ticket pricing he proposed for his new movie, which has since led to a flood of racist comments and even death threats.  From Business Insider:

“For the September 28 premiere in Victoria, British Columbia of his new movie, “Building the Room,” a documentary about stand-up comics, Higgins wanted to charge white males $20 while women paid $10 for tickets to the screening.

Calling it “justice-pricing,” Higgins did an interview with The Canadian Press earlier this week using the false name “Sid Mohammed” to promote it, as he was concerned about the backlash if he used his real name.

Higgins claims the email address he created for the pseudonym has since gotten death threats. He also said his cast and crew have suffered “racist attacks.”

Higgins then lowered the price for “White Cis-Straight Able-Bodied Males” to $15, everyone else would pay $10.”

Personally, I don’t know any straight White men who would pay $10 to watch a film from some guy who shares the name of a full-bodied, earthy red wine.  But hey, this is Canada, who knows how they roll up there. Regardless, the fact that this clown even thought that he could charge able-bodied White men more for a ticket than “everyone else” and get away with it speaks to how deeply the Anti-White male narrative is entrenched not only in the United States, but in Canada as well.

The article adds that Mr. Shiraz received ‘death threats’ shortly after his stunt became a topic of the national news.

“It was never intended to be a national conversation,” Higgins said. “It’s a local screening, featuring an unknown cast of comedians, from an unknown director, in an little known city. For some reason, the national media thought it was a story that needed to be run far and wide.”

Poor thing didn’t expect the backlash would get that real.  Sounds a lot like Racist Jemele Hill whining about how she went into her bosses office at ESPN and broke into tears after her Twitter storm against President Donald Trump.  Boo hoo, SJW pansies, boo hoo hoo.


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