Did Seth MacFarlane Know About the Hollywood Sex Scandals More Than A Decade Ago?

Did Seth MacFarlane Know About the Hollywood Sex Scandals and Warn Us Through Family Guy?

Hollywood has been besieged for the last few months from scandals about sexual misconduct to outright pedophilia. Many have asked how these seemingly systemic scandals were kept hidden from public view.  Well, in retrospect, it seems that there were a few well-placed warnings.

I mean, Kevin Spacey isn’t just some schlub actor. He has a ton of movies under his belt, including L.A. Confidential, Seven and The Usual Suspects, and stars in House of Cards.

Check out this insight from LouderWithCrowder.com. Looks like Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane (well, Stewie Griffin) gave a very specific warning about Kevin Spacey back in 2005. He also used Stewie to throw filmmaker Brett Ratner under the bus in this clip. Were there other warnings from MacFarlane?

In the 2002 episode “Family Guy Viewer Mail 1,” one of the short stories was called “No Bones About It” where Peter Griffin, became a boneless blob. During the segment, Peter relieves his family of the burden of caring for him, by unplugging the bathtub drain. He ends up in a puddle of filth in a scene that didn’t raise eyebrows 15 years ago, but sure does today. You can check out the scene right here, the sequence begins around a minute in.

This is another Family Guy quip, one that seemed random at the time, that literally points out the cesspool of Hollywood.  This begs the question, did Seth MacFarlane know about the Hollywood sex scandals, even back in 2002?

MacFarlane also joked about Weinstein during the 2013 Oscars.

While the Family Guy creator gave us a sign, he hasn’t come out with your typical virtue-signalling since the scandal broke. Well, at least not like this pig. That’s right, Rosie O’Doughnuts, (credit: Bernard McGuirk), longtime oxygen-thief, Trump-hater and land whale, claims that she knew Kevin Spacey was a Harvey Weinstein-level creeper. She emerged from whatever her hibernation chamber to use her mayonnaise-filled thighs and massive ham hocks to stomp on Kevin Spacey.  She used her celebrity status to virtue-signal and  Twitter-bash him after his scandal emerged, but didn’t bother to lift her her sausage-like fingers to notify her followers of his creepiness in all of the years that she knew beforehand. The Left is eating itself and few appreciate an easy meal like Rosie O’Donnell.

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