Eminem Continues to Whine About Trump

Eminem is back at it, insulting President Donald Trump and trying desperately to ingratiate himself to his fans on the Left.

Aging rapper Eminem told music manager Paul Rosenberg in an interview that a “f**king turd would have been better as president” than President Trump, according to Billboard.

Eminem has done this before, with his nationally-televised freestyle of Liberal rage against Trump and the voters who put him into office.

Eminem, the 45-year-old whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is obviously still angry that Trump has not responded to his poorly received anti-Trump freestyle performance late last year, so he is basically doing what CNN does — upping the incendiary rhetoric and trolling.

Is Trump merely ignoring Eminem because the prattling of an aging White rapper is not worth the trouble?  Or is President Trump showing off his impressive array of psychological tactics and ignoring him just like Mathers own father did for decades?

Kind of makes you wonder if Mathers is really still frothing about Trump, or if he is merely projecting his own Daddy-issues onto him.


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