ESPN “Journalist” Racist Jemele Hill Picked the Wrong Target, Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones

ESPN “journalist” Racist Jemele Hill decided to unleash another ill-advised tweetstorm this weekend. Her newest target for her social justice-inspired rage is Dallas Cowboy’s owner, Jerry Jones. What did he do? According to ProFootball Talk, Jones stated; “If we are disrespecting the flag, then we won’t play. Period. Period.” This is a remarkable about-face from an owner who was seen kneeling with his players before the National Anthem only two weeks ago.

Jerry Jones is an enigmatic personality at times. His Dallas Cowboys have had a middling track record of success on the field for the last two decades.  Like many other NFL owners, he has found out the hard way where the majority of his fan base stands on the issue of kneeling during the National Anthem. After purchasing the Dallas Cowboys for $140 million back in 1989, he has seen the value of the franchise skyrocket to $4 billion. With a marked drop in viewer ratings since 2015 and a spike downward over recent weeks, NFL franchises may stand to lose value in the coming months.

Hill’s tweets were no less incendiary than the ones that she unleashed last month calling President Donald Trump a “white supremacist.” Instead, her latest rant targeted Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys, calling on fans to cease purchasing Cowboys merchandise, stop watching games and to boycott companies who advertise for the team. Fortunately for all of us, Hill picked a fight with the wrong mark here.

ESPN has a  $15 billion dollar contract with the NFL through 2021. While the Dallas Cowboys haven’t reached the SuperBowl since 1996, they maintain an enormous fan base.  “America’s Team” is a huge ratings draw for the league. By aiming at Jerry Jones and his team, Racist Jemele Hill overplayed her hand after winning her recent power struggle at the Worldwide Leader. ESPN has made it clear that even those who push their anti-White narrative are expendable when they forget who butters their bread.

Yes, Jemele “This play always work.”

It has worked for the last several weeks.  Fans who are disgusted at having their entertainment interspersed with calls for “social justice” (which evolved into a F%#k Donald Trump movement) have already boycotted viewing NFL games, purchasing merchandise, and ripped their advertisers.  While some doubt the negative impact of the millions of sickened fans, I’ll tell you who knows just how powerful they are… NFL owners.

Jerry Jones did not change his stance on a whim.  Owners like him have taken notice at the fans rage at players kneeling. We can argue for days if these protests truly disrespect the Flag. What you can not discount is that there are millions who believe that these protests are an affront to our country. They have already spoken. The economic impact of ignoring the perception of the vast majority of fans, in order to placate the minority of fans will be felt by NFL owners for years to come.

And for those of us who are sick of the anti-White narrative continually spewed by personalities such as Racist Jemele Hill, Shannon Sharpe, Kevin Blackistone, and others, this may not have been the victory that we wanted. But two weeks of silence from this race-baiting loser is something that we will savor.

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