Flashback Friday: Orange Is The New Black Trump Photo

For this Flashback Friday, we’re going to take a trip back to a year ago. It was a few weeks before the election, and the cast of Orange Is The New Black fired shots at Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Of course, Trump would soon smother their feminist dreams of a President in a pantsuit. So let’s take a closer look at the Orange Is The New Black Trump photo.

Without ever watching the show, here are my initial impressions of the Vaginas Against Trump clique. You’ve got frightening penciled-in eyebrows (top left) and your typical Lib-chick duck face pose (top-center). One girl with vascular arms (left – second row) and one next to her with a LeBron James-ing hairline. Down on the bottom row, the orange t-shirt on the woman on the left is screaming for mercy, barely able to contain the muffin-top that is spilling over her waist on all sides. Then, wearing shades in the center, you have Fisty McVagerson. Dear Lord, she looks like she could drink a gallon of petroleum and piss Quaker State. Check out the grip that she has on the shoulders of the two girls in front of her. And I use the term “girl” loosely. The one in the center seems to have morphed into a boy, much the way that her “top” seems to have taken on extremely masculine features.

The verdict here is that Vaginas Against Trump look  flappy, worn out, dried out, grotesque and bitter, like your typical fan of the Whitewater Wench. When we compare these women with #BabesForTrump, it is immediately clear which set real men will find more attractive.

So, while we may have taken offense that the Orange Is The New Black Trump photo was aimed at our Presidential candidate, it warms my heart to know that only a few weeks later, these “girls” found themselves on the “Wrong Side of Fistory.”

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