Get Your Feminist and Anti-White Gifts at Target on Black Friday!

Yesterday, I received a text from a friend who was out with his significant other, at a nearby Target shopping for Black Friday deals.  My boy was thoroughly exhausted from hours of accompanying his girl from one frenzied scene to another. I completed the extraction mission successfully, and took him out for a few beers away from the post-Thanksgiving madness. On my way through the store, we made a quick round to take photos of some of the feminist and anti-White gifts that Target was pushing on the masses during Black Friday.

More “Girls are amaaaazzziiiinnnngggggg but boy’s ain’t shit” feminist chatter.

Further down the aisle, more shirts pushed masculinity and warped gender roles on young girls.

That’s right buttercup, defy your natural inclination and go work on those biceps and traps.

Walking down the book aisle, I found more evidence from the fist of feminism. Check out these book titles promoting the masculinization of American women.

Now, I don’t ascribe to the MGTOW movement (“Men Going Their Own Way” basically choosing to drop out of the dating game) in any way, but, given that American women in 2017 are becoming fatter, bragging about shitty health habits, and are being groomed to unnaturally take on traditionally male characteristics, I can kind of understand why some guys will look at today’s dating market and just say “Ahhh, f*ck it, why bother!”

Most guys are interested in women who are feminine. They are thoroughly turned off, and even repulsed by manly, increasingly butchified women who claim to be some combination of Fierce/Empowered/Warrior/Activist.

Anti-White, Black Lives Matter boilerplate nonsense, front and center on your Target bookshelf. Let’s Angie Thomas tap into her Fierce/Empowered/Warrior/Activist side and take her outrage to South Side Chicago where they really give out the hate.

Barbie 2017, now served chunky style.  I can’t tell if the one in the dark blue dress is #BodyPositive or starting her second trimester. Better not ask, she might file a complaint with H.R.

Of course, this is somewhat to be expected from the company that bought you the transgender bathroom controversy, however, it is up to us to spend our money at stores that aren’t actively pushing feminist and anti-White gifts at every turn.




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