Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is a celebration of those delicate creatures that our society is desperately trying to turn into masculinized empowered/fierce/queen bees. Since this blog is little more than a celebration of Feminism and all of the wonders that it has bestowed upon society,  here are a few videos that represent what women have become in 2018.

This one needs a dose of Allahu Ackrite

A British woman AND a feminist? Sign me up!

Bleeding Vagina Liberals:

And finally, one of the skankiest of her kind…

And, if you can still stomach this…


YAY Women!!!  Don’t forget to love ALL women (and transgendered things, because they count as women too)!  Make sure that you support their goals, bravery, and respect them at all times!



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