Hello Ladies, Welcome to the Matt Lauer Rape Cave

Welcome to the Matt Lauer Rape Cave

One of the longtime faces of NBC, Today Show host Matt Lauer was abruptly terminated from his position with the mainstream media giant.  Although this was his first charge of misconduct, there were more in the pipeline, with the NY Times poised to go public with the stories of several female co-workers. Of the reports that have surfaced thus far, the best one yet has been how he turned his office into the Matt Lauer rape cave.

From Vice:

Lauer had a switch under his office desk that allowed him to lock the door without getting up, allowing him to make inappropriate advances on female staffers without worrying about being walked in on. His office was also located in a “secluded area,” the report says.

Can you imagine him inviting some women into his office?

Image result for matt lauer office

“Well ladies, let’s go over camera angles for tomorrow’s interview, shall we?  It’s going to be overcast outside, and we’ll need to…

<door closes>

<Lauer presses a red button under desk>

<office door behind the women locks>

“Welcome to the Matt Lauer rape cave.”

NBC Knew

The real crime here, and the reason that NBC cast Lauer away as swiftly as they did, isn’t the sexual innuendo that he tossed out in casual conversation. It’s the fact that NBC knew what was going on and stood by as Lauer forced himself on women on the clock. Here is the statement from NBC News Chairman Andy Lack:

Our highest priority is to create a workplace environment where everyone feels safe and protected, and to ensure that any actions that run counter to our core values are met with consequences, no matter who the offender.

That is your typical corporate statement when shit goes south.  Except you may notice that it is written in the present tense, not past tense. It isn’t past tense because, as of three days ago, creating a safe workplace was not their highest priority. How do I know this?

Because Matt Lauer had a damn button at his desk to lock his office from the inside! That’s not some life hack that he found on YouTube and installed on his lunch break. Someone at NBC, whether it was the janitor, the maintenance staff, or the CFO, knew that this guy retrofitted his office into an on-demand sex dungeon. The Matt Lauer Rape Cave, if you will. A barrage of lawsuits are on their way because the powers that be at NBC enabled his behavior and stifled those who spoke up.

It has been amusing to watch the liberal media devour their own like a pack of ravenous and deranged jackals.  Lauer. Creepy Al Franken. Kevin Spacey. All cannibalized by the rabid mob that they profited from.  Their closest, most dedicated fans ended up clamoring for their demise.

This is the same Matt Lauer who tsk-tsk’d Bill O’Reilly for his mishaps a few months back.  The irony is thick. There will be many more liberal men who will be put on blast in the coming weeks and months.  There will be conservatives, of course, but they will be far outnumbered by left-wing male public figures, simply because members of the Liberal Circus of Degeneracy are omnipresent in the entertainment industry and deeply entrenched in mass media. Real men who are disgusted with the current state of media and entertainment will revel in the downfall of the douchey figureheads.

Where Does This All End?

As men, particularly White men, should be very wary of these developments. Many of the sins that Lauer is being crucified for are nothing more than innuendo, or typical milquetoast conversation. As workplace environments become far more sensitive toward the feelings female workers, casual conversation can be massaged into a situation where a female claims discomfort.  Recently we have seen judgment passed on men in the court of public opinion, where due process is completely overlooked.  At universities across the United States, female-friendly rape tribunals disregard evidence and due process with reckless abandon, penalizing male students for baseline masculine behavior in the process.

As workplaces have become far more “inclusive” and “female-friendly,” they have become decidedly anti-male. Dating a co-worker was risky as of 2010. It could cost your very livelihood today.

The MGTOW movement was originally “Men Going Their Own Way” by disengaging from the dating market.  The next major MGTOW movement will be men packing up from cubicle farms and starting their own business or joining a primarily male small company.  At some point, and it isn’t far away, men will come to the realization that paying a shit ton of money for a degree only to work at a job where you must walk on broken glass around women is a fucking raw deal. At that point, we will witness an exodus of men from cubicle farms across the country, and the eventual collapse of Corporate America under the weight of feminism.

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