If You Voted For Donald Trump, Or If You Are White, It Is Time To Boycott ESPN

Most of us who tune in to ESPN are well aware that anchor Jemele Hill is not particularly known for insightful commentary.  ESPN’s decision to team her up with Michael Smith earlier this year for the 6PM edition of SportsCenter, rebranded SC6, was highly questionable  as ratings have hollowed out since bringing on Hill and Smith.  Her ascension into prime time has given ESPN viewers a greater opportunity to witness how often, both subtly and overtly, Hill pulls out the ‘race card’ in discussing everyday sports topics.

While current viewers, and millions who have cut the cord with the Worldwide Leader are aware of Jemele Hill’s reputation as a shrill, race-baiting social justice warrior, her tweet storm that included several shots fired at President Donald Trump was unexpected.  If you haven’t seen her tweets yet, here is a recap.

I have no problem with Jemele Hill having a personal stance on President Trump.  Every individual is allowed their own personal opinion, and Hill is no different. I take serious issue with the fact that, after stating those opinions on a public forum, she was not immediately suspended and/or fired by her employer, as other ESPN staff members have been in the past.

To put it lightly, Hill’s remarks are slanderous in nature.  At 7:54 PM on September 11, she tweeted “Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists.” a baseless and idiotic claim, as Trump’s Cabinet currently employs Dr. Ben Carson and three women.  Exactly what kind of ‘white supremacist’ nominates Jews into his Cabinet, allows his daughter to marry a Jew, and convert to Judaism? ESPN features Hill as an anchor and “sports journalist.” Yet based on her tweets, even though they were not on company time, we find that Hill can not separate her precious offended feelings from logic and reality.

Instead of a significant rebuke, she received a stern talking-to from the Worldwide Leader.  Keep in mind that Curt Schilling was fired from ESPN for a similar offense a few years back.  Cork Gaines, from Business Insider, was quick to support Hill’s ridiculous stance, arguing that Schilling was warned to stop tweeting his political beliefs on more than one occasion. Yet Gaines neglected to complete (or disclose) even a cursory search into Jemele Hill’s past, as he would have discovered that  she was suspended by ESPN several years ago for stating that “Rooting for the Celtics is like saying Hitler was a victim.” As a matter of fact, a look past the first page of a simple Google search will bring up other artifacts, including the time she suggested that Packer fans throw Duracell batteries at Brett Favre.

Additionally, reports have surfaced that long-time veteran anchor Linda Cohn was quietly suspended earlier this year after she stated the obvious about the accelerating loss of subscribers at ESPN; “Politics played a part, as did the network’s move away from strictly covering sports.” These events unfortunately signify that the higher-ups in Bristol are willing to grant immunity to ‘certain employees’ from the consequences of voicing their political opinions, so long as those opinions follow the anti-Trump, anti-White narrative.

What can we do about this?  Millions of sports fans have been disgusted in the past by ESPN’s attempts to shove seventh-round castoff Michael Sam into our collective conscience, or to convince us that Caitlyn Jenner was some kind of heroic figure.  Many have taken the first step and have cut the cord by canceling their cable altogether. Others have switched to a la carte television, allowing them to pick and choose their cable channels. While these actions are taking a considerable toll on the network, we need to do something that will quickly remove Jemele Hill from her anchor position.

In order to accelerate the change that most sports fans would like to see, we need to look past merely boycotting ESPN, and begin to boycott the sponsors of the company.  However, it’s not enough that we merely stop spending our money on companies that are stupid enough to sponsor offensive programming.  We need to let these companies know exactly why we are choosing to boycott their product or services.  Tomorrow, I will discuss exactly how to accomplish this.


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