(Kevin) Spacey’s Dong

When the House of Cards comes crashing down…

Before accusations of serial creepiness were leveled against Senator Al Franken this past week, Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey was taking considerable heat from the public for his past sexual misconduct. After an accuser claimed that Spacey attempted  to molest him when he was 14, the actor apologized, then tried to distance himself, first by suggesting that he was drunk, and then by coming out as gay. The smokescreen didn’t work, the public was outraged and Spacey was removed from the successful Netflix series, House of Cards.

A new allegation has surfaced, this time from a boom mic operator who worked with Spacey on the set of the film Spirit of a Denture. Joshua Chavez raised concerns to producers, but was continually rebuffed. Here is the link which contains a detailed description of the Hollywood star’s interactions with Chavez.

According to author Michael Snyder, who was connected to the alleged victim via a friend, Joshua Chavez provided call sheets and other documentation that proves he worked on film projects with Spacey.

Chavez said he worked as a boom mic operator with Spacey on three short film projects in 2012. Although the first day was uneventful, Chavez said Spacey began a “relentless pursuit” of him on day two.

During filming for Spirit of a Denture, a movie in which Spacey plays a dentist, Chavez says the actor asked him what he thought of a scene that had just been filmed before Spacey put his hand on Chavez’s thigh.

After brushing off the first instance, Chavez became perturbed when Spacey touched his thigh a second time “for a very long period of time”.

“Well the third time it happened yet again but this time he grabbed my upper thigh, took his pinky and rubbed my junk,” said Chavez.

After Chavez told Spacey he was not gay and not attracted to men, the actor removed his hand “as if what I said didn’t even phase him, smiled at me and walked away. I was absolutely dumbfounded and shocked. I remember immediately going back to the mixer who I was working with and told him what had happened; he was surprised but shrugged it off.”

Despite Chavez making it clear he wasn’t interested, the harassment continued. Emails were circulated amongst production staff but the response from one of the producers was “you should be flattered Kevin Spacey is attracted to you”.

Here is an altered version of the song Stacey’s Mom, by Fountains of Wayne, presented as a humorous musical tribute to the fall of Kevin Spacey.

“Spacey’s Dong”

Do you remember that time when Kevin was drunk? (Kevin was drunk)

And then came up to you and touched your junk (touched your junk)

He said maybe you’ve seen me on the screen or stage (Screen or stage)

And he didn’t care if you’re underaged (if you’re underaged)

Spacey’s dong, has got it going on

Don’t keep him waiting, it’s getting pretty long

You’re straight but are you sure? He’s a Hollywood superstar!

I know it might be wrong, but you’re gonna love Spacey’s dong.

Spacey even has accusers across the pond.  Hell, even Scotland Yard is on the case!

With Anthony Weiner, Al Franken, Kevin Spacey, Ben Affleck, Charlie Rose making headlines for admitting to sexual misconduct, we need to have a serious conversation about Democrats; the preferred party of dangerous sexual deviants.


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