Leslie Gibson’s Mistake

Leslie Gibson, a Republican candidate in the race for a House seat in Maine has dropped out of the race.  He was attacked as a “hate-loving politician” after calling out skanktivist du jour empowered student activist Emma Gonzalez as a “skinhead lesbian.”

Leslie Gibson’s mistake here, his only mistake really, was in issuing an apology, of any kind to this Butchy McFist-A-Vag.  Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, and those of her ilk, have done nothing more than step over the dead bodies of their fellow classmates in order to shamelessly grab social media spotlight and the MSNBC and CNN cameras for themselves.

You don’t apologize for the truth.  And the truth is that Emma Gonzalez is a skinhead lesbian.  Hell, that’s not even technically an insult!  The skinhead part is evident from her GI Jane cut. For those who say that she isn’t a lesbian, well, she identifies as bi-sexual, which makes her… a part-time lesbian!  Gonzalez jumped on the chance to fire up the liberal outrage machine and add a few thousand followers on Twitter.

Leslie Gibson’s mistake soon lead to him dropping out of the race. I’m glad that he did.

“Emma, my name is Les Gibson from Maine. I would like to extend to you my most sincere apology for how I addressed you,”

– Apology issued by Leslie Gibson

Real men who make factual statements which are not well received, do not back away from said factual statements (see Trump; Donald). The LAST thing we need is another politician bowing and apologizing for having dared offend some buzzcut fister-sister who sold her soul for a few thousand Instagram followers and a clit massage from the mainstream media.


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One Reply to “Leslie Gibson’s Mistake”

  1. I could not agree more with you. And now Laura Ingraham has seriously fucked up!! For not only apologizing to that cock sucking little David Hogg but she pretty much got on her knees and sucked his dick!! He called for boycott to her show because she told the truth about his grades and teased him. Well some companies have pulled Ad funding then she begs forgiveness!! If you go on Brietbart and read all 3 different stories then scroll down to the comments you will the thousands that are racking up against her and on Twitter!!! Thousands are saying she has now blew it and needs to retire and Fox 🦊 needs to slip Mark Levin in her time slot. Wait till you read the ass kissing words she used. She has been going on and on! Kissing his ass!! Read his words back. He knows now she’s his dick sucking little cunt!!! My God!! I can’t get over how weak she is!!!!

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