Lindsey Vonn, Alpine Skier, Liberal Snowflake

Another week, another athlete forgets how to stay in their lane. This time, we have a gold medal-winning alpine ski competitor. Turns out Olympian Lindsey Vonn is a snowflake as well as a skier. And now she is the latest athlete to think that people give a shit about her political opinion. details the latest example of athletic virtue-signalling madness:

ST. MORITZ, Switzerland (AP) — Lindsey Vonn says she won’t stop expressing her political views, though her main goal is regaining her Olympic downhill title.

The ski star told CNN in an interview that aired Thursday she would “absolutely not” visit the White House if the United States Olympic team gets a traditional post-games invitation.

“I was asked my opinion and I gave it,” Vonn told reporters Friday at a World Cup race. “I mean, it’s not necessarily my place to be sticking my nose in politics, but as an athlete I do have a voice.”

“I mean, it’s not necessarily my place to be sticking my nose in politics, but as an athlete I do have a voice.”

No shit, buttercup? Why don’t you just take out the “necessarily” part and just stick to “… It’s not my place to be sticking my nose in politics.”

Looking ahead to the Feb. 9-25 Pyeongchang Winter Games in South Korea, Vonn told CNN she hoped “to represent the people of the United States, not the president.”

Though Vonn did not mention President Donald Trump by name, the athlete activists she said Friday she admired included Colin Kaepernick. The president has responded to the NFL quarterback by posting confrontational messages on Twitter.

Like her hero Colin Kaepernick, Lindsey Vonn is a snowflake. Whatever quick jolt of good feels that she gets from virtue-signalling for the Trump hating press may be far outweighed by the consequences of voicing her opinion against the President.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the lion’s share of alpine skiing are White people. And since the preponderance of Whites voted Trump into office, Vonn has likely succeeded in pissing off the majority of her sport’s fan base.  Or maybe all 328 of them!

It’s time for Lindsey Vonn to stick to whatever she does on the slopes and stay in her lane. Or ‘stay on her course,’ or whatever the hell ‘stay in your lane’ translates to in the world of downhill skiing.  Millions are disgusted by athletes virtue-signalling, and have abandoned sports with a greater market share than alpine skiing. Vonn is an exceptional athlete. But that’s no reason for her to think that Americans give a shit about her political opinion.


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