New Series Bellevue on WGN Reeks of Rancid Feminism

While I wasn’t watching the NFL today, I caught a few re-runs of old Cops episodes on WGN.  During a commercial, I saw an extended ad for a new show premiering in 2018 called Bellevue. Less than 30 seconds after the promotional clip started, I can unequivocally state that the new show Bellevue on WGN reeks of rancid feminism.  Let’s break down the clip:


Wow, looks like Kate Fagan has diversified her television career! No longer just the feminist quota hire on PTI?

Wait, that’s not her? My bad… I mean the resemblance is there!  But what are we looking at, anyway? Butchy, yet unkempt hair, and is that a soccer player line above her forehead?? If that’s his girlfriend’s pic on his phone, and that’s the best he could do, no wonder the boy went missing.


Okay, so I guess that is the missing boy. Well then.


Here we have a subliminal message of rancid feminism that it is perfectly okay for a woman ‘in her feels’ to physically attack a man. A fierce/brave/empowered mom comes running up on some White male and hits him, as the man cowers in fear of his aggressor.  Apparently a diminutive soccer mom is enough to make this guy hold his face over his head and basically shit his pants. It’s 2017, buddy. Somebody please tell these two that nowadays equal rights come with equal lefts..


GRRRRR!!!  MOAR Feminism! I’m telling you, one day we will look back at the early 2000’s where 5’5″, girls who weighed less than 130 pounds were regularly kicking the dogshit out of grown (White) men on movies and television, and we will laugh and laugh. Fun-sized actress Anna Paquin is able to push a man into a corner, put her boot into his chest and keep him pinned down. Incredible how the laws of physics are utterly disregarded here. Apparently, Bellevue has been feeding their men soy products, pretty much since birth.

No wonder this show was cancelled in Canada. The new show Bellevue on WGN positively reeks of rancid feminism, the stale concept that women are better than men. By promoting the concept of gender-benders, and pushing the narrative that it is perfectly okay for a woman to hit a grown man, this show and it’s advertisers should be boycotted by all men, but particularly White men and their families.

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3 Replies to “New Series Bellevue on WGN Reeks of Rancid Feminism”

  1. I really like your blog, please keep up the good work. Television is becoming completely overly saturated with these female centric shows. It’s sickening. I started watching “Mindhunter” a buddy show about two investigative FBI agents solving serial killer crimes. About 1/4 into the show, they bring in a lesbian professor who helps them initially but then sort of takes over and becomes their boss. They constantly defer to her ‘wisdom’, a subtle yet clear message of the intellectual superiority of females. Depressing.. Another show “Black Mirror” is great in terms of technology run amuck, but it is blatantly anti-men, every episode is centered around some ‘strong’ woman defeating weak beta males is some way. I despair that many young men and boys don’t see through this anti-men propaganda.

    1. Yes, sadly it’s not just Hollywood, the feminist mindset is firmly entrenched in the entertainment industry. Let’s hope that our boys end up seeing through this crap.

      1. My view is it started long ago with movies like G.I. Jane and Alien. Since then the culture has accepted women in the military and now more recently in combat roles. This is in spite of the overwhelming evidence that women are a 100% detriment to Military effectiveness and their own well-being. Again, I congratulate you on the work you are doing. We must fight as Men to take back our country from these psychotic feminists, which seems to be all women under the age of 45 or so. Thank God my wife is older than that and loves John Wayne movies etc.

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