Politico Uses Hurricane Harvey to Insult Conservatives

As proof that those on the far Left will use any and every opportunity to attack, I present to you this cartoon by Matt Wuerker from Politico:

Before I address the faulty context of this depiction, let’s note that the death toll from Hurricane Harvey is still rising, and with the aftermath of the massive flooding to the southeast Texas, many are still in danger from hazards such as compromised levees to explosions at chemical plants.  But, hey, when you’ve got an anti-Conservative narrative to get across, liberals like Matt Wuerker won’t let a natural disaster get in the way.

Here we have a stereotypical old-school Texan White male in a ten-gallon hat praising God for his rescue.  Wuerker takes a shot at Christians by mocking the man for praising God.

He is depicted as stupid, poor (judging by his shoeless daughter on top of the ramshackle building) and out of shape and wearing a Confederate T-shirt, from a home with a “Secede” sign on the roof. Wuerker even managed to cram a Gadsden flag in the far left corner  as he stuffed the photo with as much cliched anti-Conservative visual cues as possible.  His Coast Guard “Angel” talks down to him, subtly insulting his intelligence.

Wuerker tried to spin this off, by tweeting:

“Respectfully— it’s making fun of the Secessionist movement. Not at all aimed at all Texans.

Funny thing is, the destruction from Hurricane Harvey was concentrated in Houston and Harris County, where voters supported Hillary by a sizable margin.  Your ‘Texas yokels’ that he pokes fun at here are not a significant portion of the population.

“Had no idea so many people liked Texas Secessionists and hate the Coast Guard. It’s pro Coastie!”

No, it’s not “pro Coastie,” it is a snub to Christians, Conservatives, Libertarians, and White men.  Just as the liberals get butt-hurt and demand the jobs of anyone who hurts their feelings, it’s time we did the same in turn to those like Matt Wuerker, who will use a natural disaster to insult our religious and political beliefs and further their narrative.

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