President Trump Uses Liberal Tactics Against Joe Scarborough

President Trump’s first year in office hasn’t gone as smoothly as his supporters have hoped.  The wall still hasn’t been built. The proposal of tax reform has been watered down considerably.  But Trump what sets apart from all other politicians is his refusal to back down to mainstream media. President Trump uses liberal tactics against the mainstream media, and it works like a charm.

This morning, Matt Lauer, host of NBC’s Today Show was fired for “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.” NBC wasted no time in firing Lauer, and Trump wasted no time in ripping NBC.

And after putting the media giant’s top brass on blast, Trump took a shot at  NBC personality, “Morning Joe.”

The “unsolved mystery” Trump is referring to is an event that took place over a decade ago.  In 2001, when he was a Republican Congressman, Joe Scarborough’s intern was found dead in his office. No foul play was suspected, the coroner ruled that an abnormal heart rhythm was to blame. While some have tried to tie him to her death, the only thing tying Joe to her demise is online conjecture.

So, why would Trump try and resurrect some online conspiracy theory? Because that’s exactly what Scarborough has done to Trump.  Morning Joe has been wailing, moaning and bitching about Trump and his ties to Russia for over a year. Nothing has come of it. The Trump – Russia connection has proven to be a dead end for the mainstream media. Trump has had to deal with this constant distraction, despite the lack of truth behind it.

Turns out that President Trump uses liberal tactics himself. Now, Scarborough has his own untrue “distraction” to deal with.  What do ya know, throwing up bullshit on Twitter has its consequences!

This morning, “Morning Joe” drank a steaming hot cup of retribution.



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