Quoth The Raven Fans, “Kneel No More”

Some NFL teams have chosen to ignore the considerable amount of anger that their fans have, as their football Sundays have been interrupted by protests, and more recently calls for “unity.” The Baltimore Ravens caused outrage among fans last weekend as their players knelt during the playing of our National Anthem, yet stood for “God Save the Queen,” during their game in London.  This week, the Ravens organization decided to take a different approach.

The stadium announcer encouraged their fans to pray for “kindness, unity, equality and justice.” The initial polite cheers from the crowd after that message turned into an overwhelming cascade of boos as soon as the players knelt.  From Salon.com

Football fans booed NFL players on Sunday even though they stood during the national anthem. Their jeers were directed at the demonstrations that took place before the anthem was played and the flag was displayed.

In week four of the NFL, some teams decided to make a pre-anthem statement by taking a knee before “The Star Spangled Banner” played. Players believed that this was an appropriate compromise to appease fans who were upset with the protests during the anthem.

But their new demonstration apparently did not satisfy fans. In Baltimore, Ravens fans poured boos down on their favorite players for taking a unified stance before the anthem. The Ravens took a moment just before the anthem played to celebrate “kindness, unity, equality and justice for all Americans.”

This was seen as a divisive act by some fans, who made their voices heard during the demonstration.

The boos begin as soon as the players kneel in unison at about 0:42 on the video.  The players stood for the anthem. Fans of the Baltimore Ravens did not care. As I have discussed before, NFL fans do not spend their Sundays paying for increasingly expensive tickets, seat licenses, parking and concessions, or watch the games from home to be lectured by athletes with questionable motives on social justice causes, or how everyone hates their “white supremacist” President. They spend their time and money watching professional football because they want to be entertained, period. A survey by Yahoo Finance showed that 62% planned to watch less NFL games in the future due to the protests. Even more disturbing to the mass media purveyors of the Anti-Trump, Anti-White Narrative, a majority of NFL fans felt more supportive of President Trump after his tweets and commentary over the past week.

Hey CNN, ESPN, Disney, MSNBC, and supporters of the Whitewater Wench…

Who’s on the ‘right side of history‘ now?


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