RIP Playboy Magazine

Hugh Hefner Died, Playboy Magazine Soon to Follow

Playboy Magazine founder Hugh Hefner passed away earlier this month. Unfortunately, he will soon be followed by his iconic magazine. For the first time in its 64 year history, the publication once enjoyed by millions will feature a transgender playmate. The November/December 2017 issue will feature a a pictorial of Ines Rau. In case you’re wondering, yes it will be a nude layout.

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From The Independent:

Rau hails from Paris and is a successful fashion model, fronting campaigns for Balmain, appearing in Vogue Italia and commanding the catwalk at fashion weeks across the globe.

She appeared in Playboy’s May 2014 issue in a special A-Z edition, which championed a more progressive understanding of gender as non-binary.

Rau didn’t identify as transgender for a long time, she told Playboy, confessing that she was afraid of never finding a partner or being perceived as “weird.”

(A little late for that, buddy.)

Once the quintessential men’s magazine, Playboy held a cultural reverence as they featured nude models in a monthly publication.  With the advent of easily accessible internet porn sites, men no longer have to trudge down to a magazine rack to see a nude female as they did a generation ago. Playboy’s circulation, which peaked at over 7 million monthly purchases in 1972 has dropped precipitously. The magazine fell from 2.5 million copies per month seven years ago to 600,000 per month in 2016.

Free, easily accessible online porn has obviously taken a huge toll on circulation. But I’m pretty sure that there is another factor in play…

Playboy Magazine October 2007 Issue: Playboy October 2007 Ali Larter
Playboy October 2007 Ali Larter

Playboy Magazine September/October 2017 Issue: Playboy Magazine Halsey October 2017
Playboy Magazine Halsey October 2017

Let’s compare.

October 2007, Ali Larter – Fantastic body, hair and smile. Pretty much every guy would be instantly attracted to her and their eyes would lock on to that magazine cover.

October 2017, Halsey – Tattoos you could find on any skank at your local dive bar or Crossfit. Dyed hair. Lower body hidden. Tongue hanging out like Michael Jordan on a breakaway dunk. Angry feminist butch cut. That’s your “I’m With Her” Starter Pack. Most real men (not Soy Soldiers) will feel a moment of inward disgust and avert their eyes.

Did the powers at be at Playboy Magazine forget who their target audience is? Perhaps by putting an estrogen-depleted fem-thot on the cover they were prepping their subscribers for this month’s surprise.

Side note: You can read about my previous post on Halsey, right here.

Why Feature A Transgender Model?

By promoting a transsexual to the cover of the world-renowned publication, Playboy isn’t simply pushing gender politics on us. They are planting their degenerate flag of homeliness and disfigurement on what was once a celebration of feminine beauty, and an enduring symbol for American men. Feminists (most of whom are members of the pro-gender fluidity mafia) and Leftists are continuing their decades-long initiative of taking over holdings in our society that were uniquely male spaces and smearing their putrid ooze all over them.

The Boy Scouts have caved in and have allowed females to enter their ranks. Sports Illustrated plastered a beached whale on the cover of their swimsuit magazine. The NFL has taken Football Sundays and twisted them from athletic competition into idiot athletes like Colin Kaepernick and Michael Bennett lecturing us on social justice, our ‘evil’ President and whatever their cause du jour is.

Men are walking away. Subscriptions to Playboy will dry up. The NFL will take years to recover from the millions of fans who have bailed, if they do at all. Men are waking up, and the pushback has started. In the meantime may Hugh Hefner and Playboy Magazine rest in peace.

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  1. Sorry Playboy… our 50 year affair has ENDED.
    I happen to like my “women” with XX CHROMOSOMES and NO DICK!
    You are dismissed,
    E-7 Ret.

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